Monday, July 16, 2012

Around The Net

  • Smartphones Trump All OthersNielsen Wire

    Fueling the wildfire that is the mobile Web, a clear majority of U.S. cellphone buyers are now taking smartphones over digitally challenged feature phones. Indeed, according to the latest figures from Nielsen, two-thirds of U.S. phone purchasers opted for smartphones in the second quarter of the year. “That may not come as a surprise to the millions of existing smartphone owners, but it's still a significant milestone,” assures’s GabgetBox blog. “In 2009, smartphones only made up 18% of mobiles bought.” “With less reliance upon voice as mobile apps and the web become more widely used, it’s safe to say we’re now ... ...Read the whole story

  • Evening News Fall Victim To Tablet Phenom The Age

    The iPad and its kin are helping a large and growing segment of the population to buck the 24-hour news cycle. Instead, they're returning to a more leisurely, old-fashioned way of consuming the day's news - not over coffee in the morning, but on the couch after work. That presumably leaves them time to savour longer narratives - formats that media-watchers once feared would perish in the no-attention-span internet age. ...Read the whole story

  • From Tablets To Touchscreen TVsSeattle Times

    With the acquisition of Perceptive Pixel, one of the makers of big multitouch displays, Microsoft will move deeper into hardware manufacturing, with Xbox and Surface in tow. The company disclosed the news at the Worldwide Partners Conference in Toronto. Brier Dudley tells us it won't be difficult to "squeeze an ARM processor into these displays" to create a line of Window 8 tablet computers, but what about TVs? A tablet -- basically a thin computer -- could easily transform into a television. ...Read the whole story

  • NBC Launches Olympics AppsLost Remote
Targeting Your Next-Generation Wallet

The mobile wallet is an idea that has been more appealing to the mobile infrastructure than to the merchants and consumers it purports to serve. Placecast wants to solve that problem with geo-targeted and geo-fenced offers ...More

  • Mobile Users Don't Want To Share Data With Apps Or Carriers

    Earlier this year, mobile apps Path and Hipster were caught uploading users' address books without telling them. Both companies apparently did so in order to suggest friends for users, but that explanation didn't do very much ...More