• U.S. Advertising To Lead Global Mobile Ad Spend

    It's no easy task for North America to surpass Asia-Pacific, which supports a strong telecommunications mobile infrastructure, but marketers in the U.S. will spend more on mobile advertising this year and outpace others worldwide in 2013, per new estimates from eMarketer. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Google Pricier Than YP Per Call

    Google's price per call for AdWords advertisers cost nearly twice as much for local ads on YP.com, according to a study released Wednesday. The findings suggest the average for AdWords and YP cost $88 and $46, respectively. ...Read the whole story

  • Smartphones, Tablets Migrate To Wi-Fi

    Smartphones and tablets are taking over the Wi-Fi airwaves. The mobile devices accounted for more than half (52%) of Wi-Fi use in the second quarter, up from 30% in the year-earlier period. ...Read the whole story

  • Consumers Not Sold On In-Car Connectivity

    According to a new Harris Poll, more than three-quarters (76%) of Americans think in-car connectivity technology is distracting and could be dangerous. More than half (55%) believe the automakers have already taken the technology too far. ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Enhances Content Targeting For Brands

    Paid advertisers on Facebook have had a range of options for targeting ads across criteria like age, gender, interests and location. Now the social network is extending more of those options to brands' page posts to target subsets of their fan bases. ...Read the whole story

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Design Or Die: Amazon Keeps Near-Missing Its Netflix And Apple Challenge

Amazon keeps missing the opportunity to pull me away from spending my media dollars on Netflix and Apple film and video products. And it all comes down to poor design. ...More

  • Buying Installs: Quality Trumps Quantity

    A veteran app marketer advises that campaigns need to determine the goal of the app and the behaviors they are targeting, and then optimize against achieving the right audience, not raw downloads. ...More

  • Twitter's Killer Olympics Apps: Bitching, Moaning, Racism

    The Olympics is a unique event that brings together people of all different nationalities, races, and creeds so they can express their shared love of sports and hatred of each other. Or so it would seem judging by the incredibly, gratuitously bitchy comments posted by fans and athletes alike. The only question I'm left with is: are they evil racists or just stupid dumbasses? ...More

  • Tablet Use as TV Companion Grows, Study Finds

    Tablets and TVs go hand in hand, but in ways that may surprise marketers and networks. Tablet owners are twice as likely as smartphone owners to watch full episodes of TV shows and they spend 50% more time viewing during an average session - 36 minutes on tablets compared to 24 minutes on smartphones, according to a just-released study from research firm GfK Media comparing tablet and smartphone usage. ...More