Jeff Goldblum For PayPal Just Makes Me Nervous

On the list of traits I prize in an online provider of financial services and bank-like transactions, "quirky sense of humor" ranks right up there with "good at tennis" and "hair smells like lilacs." I don't want online financial entities with which I do business to make me chortle; I've got the delightful Tim Allen for that. No, what I want from those entities is a pledge that they'll grow my tiny pile of money into a slightly less tiny one, and that they'll do everything within their power to safeguard my personal info. I bring this up in the ...More

  • Help Wanted: To Enhance Digital Ad Selling

    According to the "Ad Sales Executive" survey recently released by PaperG, evaluating the future of digital advertising sales from the view of sales executives at local newspapers, directories, broadcast stations and other media nationwide, 94% of advertisers are interested in mobile advertising and over 90% of sales executives are optimistic about sales for mobile display advertising ...More