Monday, November 5, 2012

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  • Apple Says Sorry To Samsung In UK Papers The Drum

    Apple has taken out adverts to issue a new apology to Samsung, having been order to reword the initial statement. The latest apology is far more straight forward than the previous one, which seemed to mock Samsung, claiming that the company brought out products which were 'not as cool' as Apple's. Apple initially claimed that rewording the apology would take two weeks, although the latest apology has appeared in UK newspapers less than 24 hours after being ordered to rephrase its statement. ...Read the whole story

  • Is An IPO In Flurry's Future?Tech Crunch
  • How To Protect Mobile DataNaked Security
Jeff Goldblum For PayPal Just Makes Me Nervous

On the list of traits I prize in an online provider of financial services and bank-like transactions, "quirky sense of humor" ranks right up there with "good at tennis" and "hair smells like lilacs." I don't ...More

  • Help Wanted: To Enhance Digital Ad Selling

    According to the "Ad Sales Executive" survey recently released by PaperG, evaluating the future of digital advertising sales from the view of sales executives at local newspapers, directories, broadcast stations and other media nationwide, 94% of ...More