Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Beyond 'Showrooming': In-Store Mobile Users Want Information, Experiences, A Buddy

'Tis the season for some more 'showroom' debunking. Thoughtful retailers, I hope, are accepting the challenge of using mobile to improve the in-store experience rather than turn it into a tug of war. ...More

  • Tablet Advertising: Why Innovation Is Key

    Despite its growth and potential, tablet-centric advertising is still in its infancy. For now, one thing is certain: Those who do not begin to innovate in this space next year will soon wonder why they lost ...More

  • The Moody Mom -- And When To Reach Her

    Eighteen years of marriage have taught me not to talk to women about their moods, so if you opened this post upset about a man opining on a subject he can't understand, stay put. This post ...More