The Dead Billboard Era Is Over

OOH alone: great. Mobile alone: great. Mobile + OOH: greater than the sum of its parts. Which is why OOH needs, whenever possible, to be mOOH to facilitate the engagement that the best customer prospects demand. ...More

  • Cutting Waste Out of Mobile Advertising

    Using advanced tracking and optimization technology, mobile advertisers can avoid consumers who click by mistake and focus on those who click with a purpose. ...More

  • Making the Tablet Mobile

    Just as smartphones are totally empowering consumers, some companies see that mobile technology in the hands of their workforce can help them better interact with their customers. ...More

  • Verizon Wants To Watch You When You Watch TV

    Pushing the envelope on privacy, Verizon is trying to patent a new method of delivering interactive ads. In its application for patent, titled "Methods and Systems for Presenting an Advertisement Associated with an Ambient Action of a User," Verizon outlines a plan to tailor ads to people based on what they're doing while watching TV. ...More

  • Mobile Campaign Measurement: Reality Or Figment Of Our Imagination?

    Mobile devices present an opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers anywhere in the world at any time. While marketers can sense the impact of the mobile revolution, there's no scientific evidence to indicate whether mobile advertising drives conversions -- and if so, how? ...More