• Brands Yet To Fully Mobilize On Facebook

    Ad campaigns don't always extend seamlessly to handheld devices. The transition can be challenging when marketers run branded apps on their Facebook pages to help spur viral sharing, comments and other social actions. ...Read the whole story

  • Consumers Favor Mobile For Email

    Of all retail, consumer product and real estate emails sent and then opened, about 40% were opened on a mobile device, versus an email desktop client (like Outlook) or through webmail on a browser, per a Return Path study. ...Read the whole story

  • Rich-Media Drives Mobile Ad Demand

    Ads featuring video and rich media as well as location-based units are helping drive demand and increased value for mobile advertising, per Nexage. The increased buying activity comes from a broad base of sources, including DSPs, ad networks, app advertisers, online media companies and agencies. ...Read the whole story

  • Friskies Offers 'Catify' App

    Friskies is launching an app that allows people to see themselves in cat form using cat photo templates and quirky captions. The app, called "Catify Yourself," allows users to choose a cat background template (including holiday-themed options) featuring a cat in a playful pose, and then add their own photo or a photo of a friend or family member. ...Read the whole story

  • Advocacy Group Asks FTC To Probe Virtual-Pet App

    The Center for Digital Democracy is asking the FTC to investigate whether the Mobbles app -- available through iTunes and Google Play -- violates the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Financial Times' Offers Free Tablet With Subscription

    For a limited time, 'The Financial Times' will give a free Nexus 7 tablet computer to anyone in the U.S. who signs up for any of its subscription packages -- print or digital. ...Read the whole story

  • #Avails: Yes, Now You Can Buy Hashtags Too

    In a surprising development for the burgeoning real-time media marketplace, advertisers and agencies now have the ability to programmatically target and place ads online based on content that users tag as being most relevant to themselves and others. As part of its Programmatic Advertising Platform, ad tech developer RadiumOne is enabling "hashtag targeting." ...Read the whole story

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  • Where Brands Will Invest Online In 2013

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  • Is Streaming TV At 30,000 Feet A Flight Of Fancy?

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  • FTC: 'Little Progress' On Mobile Privacy For Kids

    As the digital candy shelves get increasingly crowded, the Federal Trade Commission issued a second report on mobile apps for kids yesterday that it hopes will "light a fire" under the industry by holding both the app makers and their resellers -- cyber-corner shops such as Apple, Google and Amazon -- responsible for safeguarding privacy. ...More