Monday, January 7, 2013

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    • Smartphone and Tablet Owners to Spend Even More Time With Their Devices This YearMarketing Charts

      A new survey by Prosper Mobile Insights finds that consumers expect to become even more reliant on their smart phones and tablets in 2013. 34% responded that they will spend more time with their mobile devices compared to 6% who intend to scale back. Another 19% expect to integrate their mobile devices more into their lives in the coming year, versus 15% who predict they will integrate mobile less.  ...Read the whole story

    • What About Short Mobile Video Clips For Content Marketers?eMarketer

      Most consumers visit a brand's Web site first when looking for information about a product or service, but do you know that short and funny video clips are the most shared type of mobile content? Some 66% of respondents cited in an eMarketer survey said they share this type of video, followed by 52% of music videos and 35% of movie trailers. Personal content also plays a major role in sharing habits, with 31% saying they share content created by themselves or someone known to them. Interestingly, 16% share mobile video content every day, and another 33% do so weekly. ... ...Read the whole story

    • Samsung Ready For Smartphone Reign Reuters

      At Apple’s expense, Samsung’s smartphone business is poised for another big year, according to Strategy Analytics. In fact, Samsung should increase phone sales by 35%, this year, the research firm tells Reuters. Not to be outdone, however, Apple could fight back with a smaller, cheaper "iPhone Mini," the researcher suggests.   ...Read the whole story

    • Nook? NotChicago Tribune
    • Google: 'He Now Praises The iPad'Tech Crunch
    2013: Searching The Mobile Digital Library

    Newport Beach, Calif. had considered closing several physical libraries, turning the facility into a digital public library. Although I thought about missing the feeling and the smell of old decaying stacks of dusty paper bound in ...More

    • Consumers Want Mobile Enhanced Retail

      Mobile shoppers are expecting more from retailers according to a new study by Latitude, Next-Gen Retail: Mobile & Beyond. Smartphones and tablets aren't just making shopping more convenient and real-time; they're fundamentally changing how people think ...More