Wednesday, January 9, 2013
  • Interpublic Calls Delta Between Mobile Ad Spend/Time Spent 'Staggering,' Says It Will Grow, Not Shrink

    The good news is that media consumption will expand markedly over the next five years, rising from about 74.5 hours weekly per person currently to about 80 hours weekly in 2017. The bad news for Madison Avenue is that almost all of that growth will be coming from a medium that has proven vexing for advertising: Mobile. "It's pretty staggering," said Brian Monahan, managing partner of the intelligence practice at Interpublic's Magna Global unit, referring to its new projections for media consumption, and the fact that so little of it is proving monetizable as an advertising medium. ...Read the whole story

  • Cox Goes All-In With Second-Screen App Strategy

    At CES in Vegas this week, the big multichannel service providers upped the ante in the second-screen game. Cox announced a major revision of its app that aims to personalize each family member's content discovery experience. ...Read the whole story

  • CBS Strengthens Super Bowl's Online Coverage

    CBS Sports said it plans to bolster the game's online coverage with several new features and add-ons. On game day, Feb. 3, will include the first live stream of the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show featuring Beyonce. ...Read the whole story

  • NPD: Google Apps Tops Among Android Users

    Google has long positioned Android as the open standards alternative to the closed iOS ecosystem operated by Apple. But a comparison of the top apps among Android and iOS users in November by NP Group suggests that Android is a highly effective platform for promoting the use of other Google services. ...Read the whole story

  • Report: Consumers Preferring Multi-Function Devices

    "Consumers are gravitating towards [devices that] are capable of doing lots of different things," says Kumu Puri, global consumer technology lead for Accenture. "It's going to take a different mindset on the part of the industry players to compete as the market evolves." ...Read the whole story

  • Aereo Pushes Agenda, Plans To Expand In 2013

    Aereo, the service that allows users to watch local broadcast channels on mobile devices, plans to expand into 22 markets beyond its New York launch base in 2013. Currently, TV networks are trying to shut it down in court. ...Read the whole story

  • Carmakers Steer New Radio Deals

    At CES, Toyota announced that some of its 2013 Toyota and Lexus models will integrate traffic and weather information from Clear Channel's Total Traffic Network. Clear Channel integrated its iHeartRadio digital audio platform into the dashboard displays of some Chrysler Group vehicles. ...Read the whole story

Is That A Box Office In Your Pocket?

As mobile devices continue to act as our personal assistants, consumers are turning to their smartphones for answers to entertainment-related questions. So last month, RadiumOne conducted a survey examining how consumers use their smartphones to make ...More

  • Mobile Startups Compete for Brand Limelight

    Mondelez is hoping to jump start innovative mobile models by working with nine mobile-focused startups that test new modes of use with familiar and old brands like Oreo, Trident and Halls. ...More

  • Follow The AP And Networks Could Monetize Twitter Followers

    It looks like networks may have some new, unexpected inventory to sell: their Twitter feeds. The Associated Press and Samsung appear to have established a template this week, where a network could place ads atop their ...More