Friday, August 29, 2014
  • Facebook Expands Event Ads To Mobile

    In the latest tweak to its ad system, Facebook is extending its ad format for promoting events to mobile screens, along with adding other enhancements. In the coming weeks, brands with a presence on Facebook will be able to create ads to highlight events and drive responses in both the mobile and desktop news feed. ...Read the whole story

  • Smartphone Market To Grow 24% In 2014

    The outlook for the smartphone market is a bit better than it appeared earlier this year. That's according to the latest forecast from research firm IDC, which estimates worldwide smartphone shipments will increase 23.8% in 2014 to about 1.25 billion. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple Mac Prototype Engineer Joins Vungle To Lead Engineering

    One of the co-inventors of the original Apple Macintosh, Marc LeBrun, has joined the video ad company Vungle to lead its engineering team, which has more than doubled since January. Si Crowhurst has also joined to head the company's new creative optimization group from London. ...Read the whole story

  • Social Nets Don't Drive TV Engagement

    There has been a lot made of the connection -- or lack thereof -- between social media and TV viewership and ratings. Adding to the debate, new research from Hub Entertainment Research suggests that top social networks do little to drive show discovery and engagement. Some 58% of respondents reported finding out about a new show through some type of advertising. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Demonstrates Project Wing For Drone-Based Delivery, But Where Does It Fit In The Coffer?

    Drone use is highly controversial in the United States, but that hasn't stopped Google from experimenting with an unmanned delivery service through its Project X division. A prototype dubbed Project Wing with a 5-foot-wide single wingspan carried candy bars, dog treats, cattle vaccines, water and radios to farmers in Queensland, Australia -- about 30 test flights in all. ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • 'Financial Times' Debuts "Wearable" App The Drum

      To say it’s “early days” for wearable technology is a colossal understatement, but that’s not keeping The Financial Times from entering the field. The company just debuted a fastFT service on the Samsung Gear S, The Drum reports. “The publisher has teamed up with technology provider Spritz to create the app, which will deliver a written content stream to users at a speed of their choosing,” it writes. It’s the first deal with a publisher for Spritz.”  ...Read the whole story

    • JackThreads Increase Revenue Per Emails Among Mobile Commerce Customers Using Deep Links to AppsInternet Retailer

      E-commerce firm JackThreads has increased its revenue per email by 21 percent among customers that have downloaded its mobile commerce app ever since the company began adding deep links to its apps within its email marketing messages. This is a huge increase for the brand since 45 percent of the retailer's sales come through mobile apps. The way that it works is that a customer that has already downloaded the app will automatically be directed into the app as soon as they click on the email link. The app will autoload the promotion from the email within the app. ...Read the whole story

    • Samsung Debuts Another SmartwatchEngadget

      While the world waits for Apple to unveil its first Smartwatch, Samsung keeps adding to new models to the mix. Its latest attempt to get the wearable revolution underway is the Gear S, and, of note, it features a 3G modem. “While it may not be especially fast, that means that even when outside the range of a Bluetooth-connected phone or WiFi, it can still send and receive messages or make calls,” Engadget notes. “It has a 2-inch AMOLED screen plus a dual-core 1GHz CPU inside along with GPS, heart rate and motion sensors, all powered by a 300mAh battery ... ...Read the whole story

    • RadioShack Gets Exclusive Deal For Vets' Mobile ServiceChain Store Age
    The Few, The Proud, The Uber

    Labor Day around the Mad Blog office offers some much-needed downtime to sit back, sip lemonade, and reflect on how the Internet has eaten our jobs, taken away our free time, and turned our once-powerful nation ...More

    • Billions Spent in Mobile Train Ticketing

      While trains around the world keep rolling along, more and more travelers are using mobile to pay for the ride. Mobile train ticket sales are now in the billions of dollars, though the scope of payments ...More