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WiFi And The Last 100 Feet Still The Weakest Link In Wireless
As the home devices pile up, WiFi technology is barely keeping up. In the end, user experience is for the post-PC world is dependent on a technology that few consumers really understand and is prone to uneven performance.» 4 Comments
The New Multi-Screen Habit Of Long-Form Video Nibbling
New video habits are emerging as streaming media allows viewers to nibble on an episode or film over time. Likewise, devices are changing virtually every aspect of TV rituals as we have known them over half a century.» 0 Comments
Make It Easy: M-Shoppers Active But Impatient
Ease of use trumps all other qualities when consumers enter a retail mobile site, and they will punish bad performance by going to a competitor. One survey says that m-shopping has become habitual -- so all retailers need to be on their toes.» 0 Comments
Siri Gets Snarky: Opening Salvo In The War Of The Virtual Assistants?
Siri is taking swipes at Google Glass in what I am hoping escalates into a brand war fought via mobile droids. Perhaps robots are the new corporate ventriloquist dummies -- our marketing id.» 3 Comments
Print Preferred?: Back-To-School Shoppers Want Analog Ads, Too
Back-to-school shoppers actually prefer to get their promotions in print ads over other analog and digital formats, according to a new Placed survey. Still, the company found that mobile shoppers had a special affinity to retailers who actually had a more evolved presence on devices.» 1 Comments
Pandora Says Ads Set Its Music Free, Or Did Apple?
Weeks before the expected launch of Apple's directly competitive iTunes Radio, Pandora lifts its recently imposed 40-hour limit on free listening. How cool is this? Radio Wars in 2013.» 0 Comments
A Billion Here, A Billion There: Mobile Spend Forecast Upgraded
eMarketer has revised its mobile ad spend projections upward for 2013 by nearly one billion dollars. By 2017 the research firm expects mobile ad spend to account for half of digital advertising.» 0 Comments
After Coolness, Mastery: Building Respect For A Brand
At yesterday's Mobile Summit the man behind GE's brilliant 6SecondScience Vine videos said that one of the valuable brand qualities conveyed by experimental programs like these is mastery of a new format.» 0 Comments
Blow Up The Silos, Trash The Media Plan, Mobilize Moments
On Day One of the Mobile Insider Summit, speakers engaged the audience on some of the ways mobility is challenging traditional notions of the media plan, consumer insight and paths to purchase.» 0 Comments
Microsoft Says 'Ta Ta' To Tags; ScanBuy Says 'Hello'
Microsoft will announce this morning the forthcoming end of support of its proprietary 2D mobile scan code. The intellectual property is being licensed to ScanBuy, which will administer and develop the Tag in coming months.» 0 Comments
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