Results for March 2001

Research Behind the Numbers - Rich Media
So far, rich media has gained only a toehold in the market, but the arrival of broadband may give it a boost.

Rich media, once figured as the next big wave in online advertising, has gained a toehold in the market—but research does not forecast a huge, immediate boom in its use. The Internet Advertising Bureau reports that rich media stayed steady at a bare 2 percent of the total online advertising pie from first through third quarter of 2000. This compares with a steady increase in, say, classifieds over the same period from 4 percent to 9 percent ...» 0 Comments

Rich Media: Born of Necessity
Passion. Obsession. Invention. Necessity. These elements not only form the framework of most successful endeavors, but, increasingly for those of us who work in the field of online advertising, possession of “Type A” personality traits, like passionate obsession, is key to our very survival. This game’s just not for tourists anymore. Nothing typifies this dynamic more intensely than the field of Rich Media advertising. As CEO of Emerging Interest, I’ve been intimately involved in this particular back road of the information highway for years. And this month Media Magazine presents us with a snapshot of this rapidly changing rich media ...» 0 Comments
Agency Profile: Tribal DDB Worldwide
With 500 employees, 21 full-service offices in 15 countries and further expansion plans in the works, Tribal DDB Worldwide, the interactive arm of DDB Worldwide, is on the fast track. The firm hit $50 million in revenues this past year, is solidly profitable, according to company sources, and is well-positioned, with the backing of its heavy-weight parent organization, to handle the ups and downs of the volatile Internet marketplace.

Tribal DDB was formed last August from seven digital units in the Americas, Asia, and Europe and offers a wide range of business consulting, marketing, and e-commerce services. Its clients ...» 0 Comments

Media for the Online World - Your Brand Website, Part 1
What if marketers could find a medium to place their advertising for little to no cost, be in an environment perfectly attuned to their message, and be seen by an audience there is nearly all their target. Do you think they would immediately jump at the chance? Well most of the top 100 brands from 2000 haven’t figured it out yet.

You know those big-name marketers who spent in the neighborhood of $25 billion in advertising with about two-thirds of it spent in television. Of these brands, only 19 of them have the vision to use their OWN website ...» 0 Comments