Results for July 2001
  • Email Marketing: Measuring Response
    We've all seen the numbers: According to a recent Aberdeen Group report, email marketing grew by more than 270 percent over the past two years. Spending on email marketing is expected to rise from $2 billion this year to over $4 billion in 2003.

    Experience with this new direct-response vehicle is yielding a variety of tips for successful implementation, including: Don't spam, Target wisely, Personalize your message, Be innovative and compelling, Keep it short and simple, Be timely, Provide value, Include links, Manage responses, Follow through, Track and analyze results.

    Below is the first of five stories in ...

  • "If I Were an Agency Guy..."
    You should know before we begin that I am not—nor have I ever been—an online media buyer. And for reasons that will become quite evident, it is unlikely I’ll ever be one. That will not deter me from stating what I might do if today some renegade agency were to deem me worthy of such a lofty pursuit.

    As I stroll through the carnage of the post-crash web, I see great content on quality sites otherwise littered with low-cost, highly obnoxious CPA banners. These advertisers add no value to the sites where their ads appear—no one benefits but the ...

  • FutureTool: ActiveBuddy
    Millions use instant messaging to chat with friends; now the technology has a commercial application and is on the verge of becoming a new online ad format. ActiveBuddy, a year-old Silicon Alley startup, funded by Reuters and others, has developed interactive agents, or bots, that deliver content via instant messengers. Companies that sponsor them can become “buddies” and chat with potential customers, providing them with product information and linking them to websites where they can sell them products.

    Users enter company names on their buddy lists, call them up with the click of a mouse, and converse with them. ...

  • Market Focus: Computer Makers
    One would think computer companies might buck the trend and maintain high online ad spending, since they are the gateway to the online world. But “the spending levels for most manufacturers are down,” says Michael Kubin, co-CEO of Evaliant Media Resources (formerly Leading Web Advertisers). “Acer is down a huge amount and Gateway and IBM could be down by half,” he says. The other big spenders have been flat, with Compaq up a little, he notes.

    Evaliant data reveals Dell was the leading spender last year at $11.1 million. Through May of this year the company spent about $4 ...