Results for September 2001

iMarketing Resource Guide
Marketers who fail to capitalize on the weapons of our times undoubtedly will find themselves buried deep in digital dust. If your business—the business of advertising, the art and science of connecting people and brands and media—is still your business, and if you’re committed to take full advantage of what will work, then the fundamental structure of how and where you spend your marketing dollars has to change. Because not only can you reach people whose use of the Internet may be displacing their consumption of other media, you can also reach them in new contexts, using the latest technologies. ...» 0 Comments
Agency Profile: iDeutsch
In the mid ’90s, as traditional advertising agencies realized the marketing and advertising power of the Internet for their clients, they generally took two approaches to deal with this new medium. They either bought or merged with an interactive specialist, or they formed a standalone, interactive department of their own. Deutsch took the latter approach and is happy with the results.

Founded in 1969, Deutsch is a $1.7 billion full-service marketing and communications agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The agency has over 840 employees and offers clients an array of integrated services including Advertising, ...» 0 Comments

Research Behind the Numbers: Branding Effect
In June, the IAB, MSN, and DoubleClick held a joint press conference to unveil a group of separately conducted online branding studies. The results showed that advertisers can not only improve the position of their brand with Internet advertising, but simultaneously generate a residual, synergistic impact across all marketing channels. Admittedly focused on the IAB goal of “fostering the use and acceptance of interactive advertising,” the studies claimed ad effectiveness improvement with varying results based on size, shape, placement, technique, and strength of the creativity.

The IAB study, conducted by Dynamic Logic, found that larger ad units are 25 ...» 0 Comments

"Advertising Is What Works"
Viral marketing is all the rage and has been so for some time. Everybody wants to do it. There are many good examples of successful viral marketing efforts. But one thing stands out. There are no good examples of companies who have successfully executed multiple winning viral marketing campaigns. Guerrilla marketing is another popular tactic. It can also be lower in out-of-pocket cost. But you get what you pay for. Yes, the results can be disproportionate to the investment, but this is a tactic that does not generally sustain a product by itself.

Too many times, new advertisers with ...» 0 Comments