Results for January 2002
  • Research Behind the Numbers: Pop-Up Ads
    In a study designed to explore consumers’ attitudes toward advertising as a necessary means of subsidizing free content on the web, a Dynamic Logic report concludes that, despite the distracting nature of advertising, the fact that 85 percent of the respondents agreed illustrates the value of free online content to the consumer. And, a separate study by Cyveillance, an Internet services consulting firm, found that almost one out of three of the largest websites in the United States are using pop-up and pop-under technologies to make it difficult for visitors to avoid online advertising.

    So, how is this type ...

  • The Best Interactive Agencies
    "We see the 'e' in media" has been MEDIA Magazine's tagline since its inception almost two years ago. Not only does it mean we see the electronic or interactive possibilities of the media industry, but we also see the excellence in work that interactive agencies are striving for in the online advertising marketplace. And with the challenges facing our young industry, we thought it was important to formally acknowledge the excellence of several agencies with MEDIA Magazine’s first ever gold, silver, and bronze "e" awards for Best Interactive Agencies of 2001.

    We asked MediaDarwin President Jim Meskauskas, in his ...

  • Network Focus: DoubleClick
    DoubleClick, the mother of online ad networks, was founded in 1996. It represents 715 websites and delivers an estimated 10 billion monthly impressions (not counting those delivered by its third-party ad-serving technology, DART). Over the past several months, the network has undergone a number of significant changes.

    In October, after the industry buzzed about an alleged merger of DoubleClick and Real Media, DoubleClick instead bought the technology assets of L90. With L90 no longer in the ad-serving game, Real Media’s Open AdStream is left as DoubleClick’s only viable competitor.

    After DoubleClick sold its European media sales business to ...

  • BMW Got Mileage Out of Net Flicks
    In a war-ravaged South American city, a photojournalist snaps a picture certain to expose the rebel leadership to world outrage and retaliation. He must get himself and his film passed armed soldiers and across the fiercely guarded border to safety. His only hope for escape is his driver and a BMW X5 3.0i, a vehicle that handles "extreme road conditions without breaking stride."

    To learn how this adventure ends, you’ll have to log on to, a website that’s garnered rave reviews from some of online advertising’s toughest critics. Produced by Los Angeles-based Anonymous Content, and directed by award-winning ...