Results for April 2002

Agency Profile: i-FRONTIER
“Young, successful Internet advertising professional” sounds like an oxymoron these days. But that’s not the case with Brad Aronson, founder and president of i-FRONTIER.» 0 Comments
Ad Network Focus:
Founded by two brothers in 1998, may just be one of the success stories of the dot-com boom.» 0 Comments
Internet University: Framing Your Ads
While frame technology may not seem revolutionary or even remotely exciting, it is the basis for another web design element called an inline frame—or I-Frame—which is significantly more useful for advertisers. As you can probably guess, I-Frames can and do serve ads.» 0 Comments
What's Really Working?
The cynics in the business community — and their numbers are legion — love to answer the question “What’s really working in online media?” with a derisive, “Nothing.” As we all know that's just not the case. Here's a more truthful answer.» 0 Comments