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InternetUniversity: AOL Search
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Q&A With Ron Belanger Vice President of Search Marketing, Carat Interactive
After crafting successful search strategies for clients like Best Buy, Sun Microsystems, and General Electric, Ron Belanger, the vice president of search marketing at Carat Interactive, has developed some strong opinions on the future of search marketing. OMMA's Lee Hall spoke to him recently regarding this very topic.» 0 Comments
SearchFocus: Pay Per Click
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CurrentThinking: Click-Through
Click-through. Are there two words that evoke more emotion in the world of online media than these?

This action performed by a Web reader lies at the equator that separates media buyers from media sellers and the more it's discussed, the hotter the topic gets. This difference in perspective comes down to a simple question of pull versus push.» 0 Comments

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Market Focus: Calling All Pets
Marketing to the Fido Faction» 0 Comments
Cross Media Case Study: Putting the Teen in Dentyne
Cadbury Adams had a challenge: sell a venerable brand to today's kids. Here's how they did it.» 0 Comments
Agency Profile: Red Robot
As advertisers continue to grapple with an environment in which consumers increasingly control their media experiences, Red Robot, a Denver-based agency, helps them navigate the complicated maze of new media technologies.» 0 Comments
Taking Search for a Spin
The needle hasn't budged much lately. After spending millions of dollars (on Microsoft's part at least), continuous, and often daily introductions of new features and free downloads designed to boost usage and consumer loyalty, no more than a few percentage points of market share have moved among the major engines, according to comScore Media Metrix. That's not to say that the "search wars" are at an unwin-nable stalemate. More than a year into Yahoo!'s entry into the market, and with Microsoft's MSN officially in the fray, the battle is likely to become more volatile.» 0 Comments