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Current Thinking: Instant Zeitgeist
By Ian Schaefer

Did you see that Paris Hilton commercial for Carl's Jr. ( I did. How could I avoid it? A picture from the ad was e-mailed to me by five different friends (four male, one female).

Using the sight of Paris Hilton washing a car in her bathing suit to sell hamburgers, the ad is the latest attempt at taking what is currently "hot" (please excuse the pun), and doing what I call "zeitgeisting it." That means taking something that appeals to the largest cross section of the hippest audience at a given point in time, ...» 0 Comments

Marketing How-Tos» 0 Comments
Behind the Numbers: Web Spending
Moving the Budget Online» 0 Comments
InternetUniversity: Local Mobile Search
Directory Assistance for Wireless» 0 Comments
Future Tool: Customizing Ads

By Gavin O'Malley

Marketers have long been accused of promoting cookie-cutter cultural homogenization for the purpose of streamlining commerce. But due to the relentless consumer fragmentation fostered by so many choices in the marketplace, advertisers have embraced targeted segmentation to make each consumer feel unique.

The process is called "customization," and its success rests on accuracy and scalability, according to Seth Haberman, president of Visible World Inc., a digital TV ad creative and distribution company.

Haberman recently teamed with News Corp.'s Fox News to customize its conventional TV ads by ...» 0 Comments

Agency Profile: Heat
New shop places Condé Nast campaign» 0 Comments
Market Focus: Targeting Harried Commuters
Out-of-Home Media Options Abound» 0 Comments
Cross-Media Case Study: Mitchum Deodorant
If You Sweat Out The Details You're A Mitchum Man

How Revlon woke up the Mitchum Man after a 17-year hiatus and made him smell fresher than ever.» 0 Comments

OMMA West: Shedding Light on the Future of Digital Media
Is the online world ready for an onslaught of media dollars?» 0 Comments
Big Spenders
Who are the top dogs feeding Web media fat cats? A look at online's top 50 advertisers.» 0 Comments
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