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Road Reports in Real Time
Commuters en route can now receive real-time traffic reports via ad-supported text messages or e-mails, thanks to a new Clear Channel initiative.» 0 Comments
Moskva on the Rocks
Stolichnaya Vodka is getting into the hotel business. Sort of.» 0 Comments
Toolbars Go Green
Al Gore may not have invented the Internet, but the global-warming activist likely would approve of's CO2 Saver. Available as a free download from, the lightweight application (for Windows XP and Vista) allows desk jockeys to do their part in saving electricity, and hence carbon dioxide emissions, when away from the screen» 0 Comments
Another Hobbit-Forming Game
The granddaddy of all alternate-reality worlds, Lord of the Rings, has recently come online with a new immersive game. And if early reaction is any indication, Second Life will be facing some new competition.» 0 Comments
A Method to the Madness
Viral marketing has long been more art than science. Think Burger King's subservient chicken. Startup PopularMedia is trying to change that, however, through a platform that relies more on science than serendipity to launch viral campaigns.» 0 Comments
Giving Green Some Glitz
A new Web site for Bay City utility company PG&E tells residents how to "green" their lives. The site,, built by San Francisco-based Mekanism, offers around a dozen videos at launch (more will be added later this summer), showing the environmental benefits of everything from biking to compact fluorescent light bulbs to solar panels.» 0 Comments
The Widget Way to 3-D
Second Life and other virtual worlds have grabbed most of the attention when it comes to 3-D imagery online. But Web-building service Freewebs made a splash recently with a new widget -- currently in beta -- that turns digital photos into 3-D pictures.» 0 Comments
Zango Gets Zinged
Adware maker Zango is no stranger to controversy. Last November the company agreed to pay $3 million to settle FTC charges that it deceptively installed ad software on consumers' computers without an obvious means of removal. Before then, consumer advocates long complained about Zango's software, which sends pop-up ads to users' computers based on the Web sites they visit.» 0 Comments
Industry Watch- Into the Yonder: Have Laptop, Will Travel
According to travel, tourism and hospitality research firm PhoCusWright, online transactions will account for more than half of all U.S. travel bookings in 2007, and that figure is expected to rise to 60% next year. Here's how the Web is creating opportunities to reach niches.» 0 Comments
Cross Media Case Study: Cool Hunting
Microsoft faces many challenges in marketing its Windows Vista operating system to young people. Perhaps the biggest obstacle: Microsoft isn't known for its cool factor.» 0 Comments
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