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  • Website Excellence: Retail: Doner; UPS, "Cardboard World"

    UPS, "Cardboard World"

    The UPS store offers small business owners more than shipping options with brown cardboard boxes. The brand launched "Cardboard World," a Web site that illustrates the company's multiple offerings with the aid of 3-D, Flash, games and promotions. Visitors can click and interact with virtual ups Stores, each representing a different store function. Users can play "Memory," help Joe Biz balance his to-do list and pack a shipment. The ...

  • Website Excellence: Blogs:;; MintLife


    Mint has been the most-buzzed about personal finance service of late and they've coupled their easy-to-use site and service with a well-designed, content-rich blog. One million monthly visitors peruse in-depth financial topics about saving and investing as well as lighter fare like job advice from Mad Men's Don Draper. Content partners include CNNMoney, Forbes, Motley Fool and others, which makes for a diverse range of content that ...

  • Website Excellence: Blogs:; "The Blogs at"
    "The Blogs at"


    Delving into subjects as diverse as "The Utter Simplicity of the Projectile Weapon" and "Stuff Mom Never Told You about Long-Distance Relationships and Rape Kits," the eleven blogs that comprise the HowStuffWorks site capture the same quirky range of topics that have made their podcasts so popular. Authored by the same folks who produce five of the top 100 most ...

  • Online Advertising Creativity: Email: Acxiom Corp.; FedEx, "CSI Lifecycle Email Program"
    Acxiom Corp.
    FedEx, "CSI Lifecycle Email Program"


    It doesn't take C.S.I. investigators to determine why the "CSI Lifecycle Email Program" is a hit. Empowering reps to send the most relevant follow-up email after speaking with a customer is smart. True one-on-one conversation offers a sense of a customer's business needs and personal preferences, which helps decide which of eight emails - all with special offers - to send. Offers of Amazon gift cards are surely a loyalty builder, as are those with significant discounts appealing to small-business owners. And FedEx tracks how recipients ...

  • Online Advertising Creativity: Email: blacQube; Mercedes-AMG, "Private Lounge"
    Mercedes-AMG, "Private Lounge"


    Email newsletters can be A tired tactic, but Mercedes-AMG has found a way to drive excitement for owners of high-end models. The "Private Lounge" emails create an aura of exclusivity. There's a dual message: "we haven't forgotten you after the showroom - and innovation continues, so we've got a better road rocket for you when you're ready." The linear design of the newsletter is easy-to-follow. More important, the photography jumps off ...

  • Online Advertising Creativity: Email: Yesmail; HP, "12 Days of Gifts"

    HP, "12 Days of Gifts"


    A new email 12 days in a row? The "12 Days Of Gifts" campaign carried the risk of turning customers off by sending too much, too often. But impressive creative - clean and quick-to-read - alleviated the hurdle. Males, in particular, struggle with holiday-gift choices and no doubt welcomed an idea and special offer a day. But the initiative's greatest strength is its transparency. On the bottom of each email are images ...

  • Online Advertising Creativity: Contest, Promotions, Sweepstakes: iCrossing; Epson, "Coolville 'Deal-a-Day' Holiday Promotion"
    Epson, "Coolville 'Deal-a-Day' Holiday Promotion"


    Here's where cute meets clever. For December, users got a daily Epson offer - free delivery, discounts on ink - by clicking a date on a calendar. The offers were preceded by a brief, zippy animated vignette, which featured the quirky animal residents of Coolville. Spot-on puns, physical humor and effective illustrations translated into record sales growth. The campaign hit its revenue target within the first nine days and ...

  • Online Advertising Creativity: Contest, Promotions, Sweepstakes: RYAN Partnership; Five Star, "Five Star Music Insider"
    RYAN Partnership
    Five Star, "Five Star Music Insider"


    Five Star Music partnered with Verve Life to let teens pick 10 bands on the brink of stardom - then give one the big push by voting early and often. The band with the most votes wins $25,000, and one lucky student does, too. Let's hope they don't spend their winnings at iTunes. The work - spread via online, TV, ...

  • Online Advertising Creativity: Contest, Promotions, Sweepstakes: Threshold Interactive; Nestle, "Dude, Where's My Bar?"
    Threshold Interactive
    Nestle, "Dude, Where's My Bar?"


    Seth Green's snarky humor - and the media's endless gullibility - is perfectly matched in Threshold's work for Butterfingers. The agency created a cross-platform cpg alternative reality game to pitch the candy and a suitably wacky award: a solid gold Butterfinger bar worth 10k. Aside from the cash-for-gold bonanza, the game, which began with Green's publicized "mugging" - costing him a ...

  • Online Advertising Creativity: Mobile Marketing: Campaign: Covario; Intel,"Core Family"
    Intel,"Core Family"


    In March, Intel and search marketer Covario initiated a nine-week campaign for its Core chips in the U.S. and Indonesia to better understand how consumers respond to different types of mobile advertising. The effort focused on high-end devices and tested standard and expandable units, behavioral targeting and compared browser-based versus in-app ads. The results showed, among other things, mobile click-through rates are similar to online search and mobile advertising is four times cheaper in Indonesia than the ...

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