• Facebook Planning Money Transfer Service In Europe

    Facebook is nearing regulatory approval that would allow the social network to manage electronic money transfers. The model positions Facebook as an m-payment provider throughout Europe and may be part of its strategy to provide broader services in emerging markets. ...Read the whole story

  • Telefonica And Blackstone Launch Mobile Ad ExchangeTechCrunch

    TechCrunch this week reported that Telefonica, a Madrid-based telecommunications provider, has partnered with Blackstone to launch a real-time bidding (RTB) mobile ad exchange. TechCrunch notes that the exchange will be built with technology from MobClix.

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  • Metrics Distract From Asking Who Is Being TargetedGigaom

    Thanks to the web and real-time measurement tools, the media industry has gone from having virtually no hard data on readers and attention to an embarrassment of riches - not only can we measure what people click on, but we can measure how far down the page they got when they were reading, whether they posted a comment, which social networks they came from, and a hundred other pieces of data. The only problem is that this is very much a double-edged sword.

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  • Coulson Was 'Shocked' To Hear Steamy VoicemailsPress Gazette

    Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson told the hacking trial he was "shocked" when he heard voicemails of then-Home Secretary David Blunkett "declaring his love" for the married publisher of the Spectator. Coulson told the Old Bailey trial he initially called a halt to the story in 2004 but later changed his mind and confronted Mr Blunkett about it.

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  • Netflix Readies German Launch For SeptemberGigaom

    Netflix will open up shop in Germany in September, according to a report from Germany's Curbed that quotes "multiple people with knowledge of the process." The company has been working on an advertising campaign to run in big cities in the country to introduce its service to prospective German customers, according to Curbed.

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  • Want People To Get Your Mobile Messages? Offer A DealdotRising

    Recent research from Respnsys found that mobile users were most motivated to sign up with a brand if they would receive special offers and promotions in exchange for their details. Two-thirds of users who subscribed to marketing messages from brands said they were more likely to take action when they saw a pricing-based offer, according to the research.

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  • Online Polo Channel Launched By TelegraphInPublishing

    Telegraph.co.uk/polo, will include unrivalled coverage of the polo season including live footage and match reports from the Six HPA tournaments sponsored by Jaeger-LeCoultre at Cowdray Park Polo Club and key matches throughout the season, such as the Queens Cup and Gold Cup and International matches. The channel will also host a regular blog and exclusive interviews with some of the world's most renowned polo players.

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  • Weller Children Awarded Damages For 'Intrusive' PhotosThe Guardian

    Singer Paul Weller has been awarded GBP10,000 in damages because Mail Online published unpixellated pictures of three of his children. Weller sued the website's owner, Associated Newspapers, for misuse of private information on behalf of his daughter Dylan, who was 16 at the time the pictures were used, in October 2012, and his twin sons, John Paul and Bowie, who were then 10 months old.

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  • BBC Three Begins Move To iPlayer With Comedy SeriesThe Drum

    BBC Three is set to air the entire new series of Australian comedy 'Jonah From Tonga' on BBC iPlayer ahead of its terrestrial transmission, shortly after announcing the channel will become online only. Although the plans to move the channel online are still subject to Trust approval, premiring the new series of Jonah on iPlayer is a signal of how the BBC may intend to air content in the future.

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  • Most-Shared News Brand On Twitter? The BeebThe Drum

    The BBC website was viewed by 96 million unique users in March 2014, the corporation has reported, on the back of the 20th anniversary of the company creating a website. The BBC noted unique user figures up 26% on the monthly average of 76 million, which the website has put down to its coverage of the crisis in Ukraine and the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

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  • BuzzFeed World Builds On Foundation Of Hard NewsJournalism.co.uk

    BuzzFeed are continuing to expand their serious side with the appointment of Paul Hamilos as foreign news editor, based in London. The appointment is the latest in a number of hires in the UK and around the globe as BuzzFeed World, launched last August, broadens the emotional palette of the organisation beyond light-hearted, shareable content

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  • Coulson Denies Knowing Of Hacking, Calls It 'Lazy'Press Gazette

    Andy Coulson today denied knowing that Milly Dowler's phone was hacked while he was in charge of the News of the World. He did not know the practice was illegal but would have regarded it as "intrusive" and "lazy journalism", he told the jury at the Old Bailey hacking trial. Giving evidence for a second day, he said that before the Dowler incident he was only vaguely aware of accessing voicemails "in the ether".

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  • The Best (Or Worst) Social Media Brand FailsdotRising

    We have all accidentally posted something on social media and broken out in a body-wide sheen in fear of slipping down our carefully constructed ladder of social credibility - but imagine if you're a brand. In light of American Airlines unfortunate model-plane-vagina catastrophe, .rising has compiled a list of the best (or worst) branded social slips. Enjoy.

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  • Underground Picnickers Protest Facebook GroupThe Guardian

    Sarah Hardcastle, in a T-shirt reading "women who eat wherever the fuck they want", produced a bottle of juice neatly relabelled "bloody feminist cocktail". "It's very bitter," she explained. The gathering in a London underground train carriage was a response to a controversial Facebook group entitled Women Who Eat on Tubes, featuring surreptitious mobile phone photographs of just that.

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  • Zeebox Rethinks Strategy, Banks On BeamlyThe Drum

    Zeebox has completely rebranded and overhauled its strategy, after realising the app's main user was a "geeky male" and it had effectively become seen as "a new-fangled social TV guide" rather than the social network and TV participation experience it had set out to be.

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  • The Intercept Busy Hiring, Figuring Things OutGigaom

    There hasn't exactly been an outpouring of new material from The Intercept - the high-profile First Look Media property that includes newly crowned Pulitzer Prize winners Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. Editor John Cook said the main reason for the radio silence is that the new entity is still trying to figure out how things are going to work and hiring writers and editors.

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  • Mobile Commerce Growing in Europe, Says StudyMobile Commerce News

    Market research firm yStats has released a new report concerning the mobile commerce sector in Europe. The report, called "Europe M-Commerce Snapshot 2014," suggests that more consumers are becoming interested in the idea of shopping online and purchasing products from their mobile devices. Mobile shopping is praised among consumers for its convenient nature as it can take place anywhere and at any time. Mobile shopping is particularly popular among commuters that have limited time to visit physical stores. The report notes that mobile commerce is particularly popular in Western Europe, where there is a high level of smartphone and tablet penetration. Sweden and the United Kingdom have the highest level of mobile shopper penetration in the world, but fall behind when compared to several markets in Asia. Consumers in the United Kingdom are particularly fond of mobile shopping and many of the country's largest financial institutions have come together in order to provide these consumers with comprehensive mobile commerce services that have, thus far, been well received.

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EU Clicks Happen On Weekends, Purchases On Weekdays

If you are running a campaign with click-through rate as your No. 1 KPI, you may want to focus your efforts on advertising over the weekend. If you want to sell something, try Monday through Friday instead. New data from RTB House, an ad agency with its own real-time bidding (RTB) technology, says click-through rates are highest on Saturday and Sunday while conversion rates are lowest. ...More

  • Mobile In-Store Shopping: It's a Process

    The influence of mobile on shopping behavior continues to become clearer every day. No matter the geography, smartphones and tablets are having a profound impact on how people act while in a store or deciding to make a purchase. ...More

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