Thursday, September 4, 2014
  • Can Europe Split Up Google?The Financial Times

    On Friday the FT reported that the European parliament is threatening to break up Google. More precisely, it is likely to approve a draft motion calling for the European Commission to consider the "unbundling" of search engines from other commercial services as one possible solution to Google's dominance. But would this even work in practice? The short answer is, it's not clear. The German MEP Andreas Schwab, a long-time Google critic who is sponsoring the draft motion, told the FT that the practicalities still must be examined.

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  • Publishers Urge Rejection Of Google's Antitrust OfferGigaom

    It already looks like Google's European search antitrust case will roll on for some time yet, thanks to a host of new complainants and some pertinent criticisms of the concessions Google has put on the table, but here's another voice calling for the Commission to reject that deal.

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  • To Cover The Luxury LifestyleInPublishing covers the world of luxury and is expected to leverage content from Forbes staff writers and more than 150 expert contributors based around the globe - including journalists who have written for The New York Times, Vogue, Esquire, The New Yorker and more. Content on the site is divided by channel topic, such as: Travel, Cars & Bikes, Style, Planes & Boats, Homes, Watches & Jewelry, Tech, Food & Drink, Arts, and Video.

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  • IPC Media Now To Be Known As Time Inc. UKThe Drum

    IPC Media will undergo a rebrand by parent company Time Inc. to become Time Inc. UK, the company has announced. According to Time Inc. chairman and CEO Joe Ripp, the move will allow the company to better leverage its global presence. IPC Media counts more than 60 brands among its portfolio, including Country Life, What's on TV and Woman.

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  • BuzzFeed Looking To Add Meat To Business NewsRe/code

    Everyone knows that BuzzFeed does lists and quizzes and videos you like to click on and share. Some people know that BuzzFeed also does reporting from far-flung places, and some delicate, thoughtful features. But not many people know that BuzzFeed also does business reporting. This is a bit of a frustration for Peter Lauria, the veteran reporter BuzzFeed brought in from Reuters to launch its business section last year. But he's plugging away at it, turning out a combination of scoops, GIFs and analysis.

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  • Is It Wrong To Look At Ill-gotten Videos?The Daily Beast

    Are you being party to butchery if you watch an ISIS beheading video made with the very hope you will watch it and slickly composed to impart the greatest impact when you do? Is viewing these videos abetting evil? On a lesser note, are you participating in a shameful violation of privacy if you view nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and others that were pilfered and posted by computer hackers?

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  • Take After Take For Every Kind Of AudienceGigaom

    A profusion of similar "takes" erupts online after almost any major news event - and the driving force behind that phenomenon is the fact that readers are in control of the process now, not editors or writers. Is that good or bad? Good question.

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  • EU Commission Launches Antitrust Probe Into WhatsApp DealThe Drum

    EU antitrust regulators have launched an investigation into Facebook's proposed WhatsApp acquisition, asking communication rivals whether it would monopolise the market or drive up prices. Watchdogs have sent questionnaires to EU brands and telecom providers asking them what impact the deal could have.The $19bn acquisition is Facebook's most expensive deal to date. The EU Commission's findings are scheduled to be published in early October.

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Google Breakup Bid Is More About EU Politics Than Marketing

MEPs are considering whether Google is too powerful and needs to be split up. Sounds like something most people might agree with, until they actually stop to think about whether it truly needs to be done -- or even more crucially, whether it could be done. ...More

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