• This Easter, Try These Email Marketing TipsdotRising

    No. 1: Easter grants many people across the UK a delicious and extended long weekend. With people out of offices perhaps lay off the B2B emails as they will be ignored and left to gather dust in peoples inboxes. B2C emails, on the other hand, may work best at this time and engage people at times when they'd be most receptive to such messages.

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  • Despite Paywall, Telegraph Shows Stronger GrowthPress Gazette

    Mail Online remained by far the most popular UK newspaper website in March, with nearly double the daily global traffic of the next most popular site, The Guardian. The Telegraph saw a rapid increase in growth, which had slowed since the site introduced a metered paywall last April.

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  • Twitter To Support Mobile-app Install CardsGigaom

    Users will be able to install apps directly from a tweet. The ads will be powered by MoPub, the ad exchange Twitter acquired in the fall of last year, and will work for both iOS and Android phones. The apps are installed via Twitter's Card system, and Twitter mentioned participation from Spotify, Kabam, HotelTonight and Deezer.

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  • Missing French Boy Never Existed; Woman ChargedThe Guardian

    As the days passed without any leads or clues, detectives at Moulins in the Auvergne prepared to warn relatives who had alerted them that they could find no trace of the boy. Which, in the circumstances, was hardly surprising. In fact, neither Chayson Basinio nor his parents existed - except in the virtual world of social media.

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  • Google+ Branded Contents Can Become Display AdsRed Rocket Media

    According to ndtv.com, users have to meet a certain number of requirements before they can turn a hangout, video or photo into a display ad. First of all, they must have at least 1,000 followers on their Google+ page. They must also have opted in for shared endorsements for Google+ pages. Lastly, the content being shared as an ad must be relevant to the brand's audience.

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  • London Wasps, Dailymotion In Video Content DealThe Drum

    London Wasps Rugby Football Club and Dailymotion, the video platform, have inked a deal as part of an overhaul to the sports team's website and content production. The club will house a Wasps TV channel on its new website, and content created for the channel will be fed into Dailymotion for fans to share.

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  • Don't Be Too Quick To Silence CommentersGigaom

    Many media outlets look down on comments, and some have killed them off entirely, arguing that they are filled with bad behavior and therefore worthless. But there is value in listening to one's readers, and social media doesn't fill that need completely.

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  • Telefonica And Blackstone Launch Mobile Ad ExchangeTechCrunch

    TechCrunch this week reported that Telefonica, a Madrid-based telecommunications provider, has partnered with Blackstone to launch a real-time bidding (RTB) mobile ad exchange. TechCrunch notes that the exchange will be built with technology from MobClix.

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  • EU Clicks Happen On Weekends, Purchases On Weekdays

    If you are running a campaign with click-through rate as your No. 1 KPI, you may want to focus your efforts on advertising over the weekend. If you want to sell something, try Monday through Friday instead. New data from RTB House, an ad agency with its own real-time bidding (RTB) technology, says click-through rates are highest on Saturday and Sunday while conversion rates are lowest. ...More

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