Tuesday, March 20, 2012
      • FMCG, Retail Behind Soaring Mobile Ad Spend Marketing

        Follow the money? How about follow the people. Or, better still, follow the mobile devices. That is what big brands in FMCG and retail have been doing as they push mobile ad spend to an astounding GBP203.2m in 2011. It is a 157% surge over the previous year, according to the IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers. These brands are out to reach what comScore claims are the 58% of Britons who get content via apps or the mobile Internet each months.

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      • Finally, Xbox 360 Users Can Access iPlayer The Telegraph

        With this launch, the BBC's popular web player is now on all major gaming platforms in the UK. It is a move that took three years to come to fruition because of conflicting content strategies between Microsoft and the Corporation. Xbox 360 users will now be able to control the iPlayer using hand gestures and voice commands.

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      • Manheim Buys Motors.co.uk Car Dealer

        Although the amount paid was undisclosed, it was confirmed that the online classified website has been bought from the Daily Mail and General Trust. Manheim is the marketing leader in the US, where it operates US Autotrader.com. CEO John Bailey says, "In just five years Motors.co.uk has built up a substantial presence and great reputation in the UK."

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      • Video Games: Propaganda, Military Training Tools? The Guardian

        "It's Monday night, the kids are in bed, and I am trying to kill Osama bin Laden. I stalk through his Abbottabad compound and I aim my rifle at the first person I see ..." The writer examines the shadowy and lucrative relationship between video-game developers and various military outfits and wonders how it affects the games we play.

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      • Is There Room In Today's Military For Social Media? Wired

        As society reckons with the dangers of social media putting the military at risk in Afghanistan due to geo-tagging on Facebook and videos on YouTube, a quiet revolution has taken place. It has led the British military to begin using the skills of its Gen Y recruits to conduct near real-time conversation with the world.

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      • Scottish Parliament Allows Tablets, Tweets The Drum

        Members of the Scottish Parliament are now allowed to use tablets such as iPads in the chamber during parliamentary business in order to take notes for speaking and not for visiting social networking sites, says Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick. Also, political correspondents in the media gallery will be allowed to use Twitter on a trial basis but it must be done discreetly and "in complete silence."

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