Tuesday, April 3, 2012
      • Bosses Grouse About Workers Tweeting Day Away The Telegraph

        Nearly half of business owners are concerned about their employees using work time to tweet and another 15% are "very concerned" about time wasting. In the same survey, 63% of workers said they spend a brief amount of time on Twitter. One businessman said the company finds it ever more difficult to enforce bans against the use of social network sites. Worse still, some workers phone in sick then post about going to the shops, putting co-workers who follow them in a bind.

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      • Group: Facebook Missed Data Protection Deadline TechCrunch

        Facebook denies that it missed a March 31 deadline to comply with European data protection laws. TechCrunch says the social network, based internationally in Ireland, is working on changes that will be implemented in time for a later deadline of July 31. The pressure group, europe-v-facebook.org, was formed last year after some Austrian students filed 22 privacy violations against Facebook. It is now encouraging consumers to make formal complaints to the European Commission.

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      • UK Online Ads Get 14.4% Growth Via Video Financial Times

        Retail and consumer-facing industries now comprise more than a quarter of internet display ads, says the Internet Advertising Bureau, which total GBP4.8 billion. They outpace financial services display ads, which are 15% of total. The firm cites the popularity of watching videos online and the growth of advertising on social media sites like Facebook for the increases.

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      • Australian Watchdog Wins Appeal Of Google Ruling The Australian

        The Federal Court has dealt Google a blow in finding for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on Tuesday that the search giant engages in false and misleading advertising. In overturning a previous judgment, the court said that ads using keywords for Honda, Harvey World Travel, Alpha Dog Training and Just 4X4 Magazine were published by Google and led consumers to rival company websites. It ordered Google to pay the ACCC’s costs. Google said it was disappointed by the ruling.

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      • Something's Fishy On Google's Chinese Landing Page Mashable

        If you try to do a search in English, images drop from the top of the screen and weigh down the search bar. Feeling lucky? You'll get gold Google coins. The search giant used to direct Chinese users to its Hong Kong page but stopped after the Chinese government threatened to take away its license. So is this new landing page a protest of sorts or just more droll Google humor?

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      • Dancing Toddler Knocks Kony Vid From Top Of Chart Campaign Live

        A German video of a two year old dancing to Elvis' "Jail House Rock" is a viral hit, chalking up 7 million views and pushing Invisible Children's anti-warlord video out of first place on Campaign's viral chart. The amateur footage has given his parents' online dance supply store unprecedented exposure. Two U.S. political videos, "Obamaville" and "The road we've traveled", have entered the top 10.

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