Tuesday, June 12, 2012
      • Austrian Pay TV Firm Can't Charge For Clips Reuters

        Sky Austria, part owned by News Corp, is not entitled to payments from a rival broadcaster using its soccer coverage for clips in news reports, an adviser to Europe's highest court said on Tuesday. Although being played out in one of Europe's smaller TV markets, the case is likely to be widely watched across the continent, where offshoots of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp have bought up live rights to sports to encourage consumers to sign up for pay TV services.

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      • ISPs May Have To Reveal Troll Identities In UK Reuters

        Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said the proposed approach would give greater protection to operators who complied with the procedure, ahead of Tuesday's second reading in Parliament of the Defamation Bill. Website operators would be forced under new British laws to reveal the identity of those who post defamatory comments on their forums, a move that aims to protect victims by speeding up what is often a lengthy and expensive legal process.

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      • Popular Children's Web Site Filled With Porn The Telegraph

        Channel 4 News producer Rachel Seifert found out during her two month-long stint using the site, posing as a 13-year old, Habbo Hotel is playing regular host to highly sexual exchanges. "The chat was very sexual, perverse, violent, pornographic, overtly sexual acts, people saying they were going to do things to others, and it was very graphic," said Seifert.Children as young as eight are believed to be using the site, which last month, according to online audience measurement company, Quantcast, attracted 291,000 British teenage players.

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      • Mobile Spend Surges Along With Smartphone Use The Telegraph

        By 2016, 46% of money spent on accessing the web will be spend on mobile web usage, thanks to the popularity of smartphones, says a new PwC report. Phil Stokes, PwC's senior partner of Entertainment & Media, said the proportion of internet access spent on mobile is growing fastest in developing countries, where many users have never had access to fixed-line broadband services. "In places like India, the wire infrastructure is virtually non-existent so mobile is the primary device for accessing the internet," he said.

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      • Insurance Industry Eyes Social Media-related Risks Insurance Age

        According to the Chartered Insurance Institute, a survey of 2,000 consumers showed that the Generation Y element of the UK population is more conscious of the inherent risks associated with using social media than its Baby Boomer and Generation X counterparts. The biggest concern to younger internet users is the ability to control the commercial use of their name, image or other aspects of their identity, and 56% expressed an interest in protecting personal image rights through insurance cover. This is compared to just 23% of those aged 55 and above who said they would purchase social media insurance to control publicity rights.

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      • Sainsbury Muscles Into E-book Marketing With Deal This Is Money

        The UK's third largest supermarket will pitch itself against online titan Amazon with the acquisition of the shareholding from struggling HMV for a nominal GBP1. It said it expects to own a 64% stake in online digital book retailer and social network Anobii after investing in the group. Anobii allows people to buy e-books to read on a range of devices including e-readers, tablet computers and smartphones. The social network element of the site allows users to rate and review titles, which can be shared with other Anobii members and websites.

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