Sunday, June 17, 2012
      • UK Online Retail To Grow 13% In 2012 Fresh Business Thinking

        The forecast further strengthens the UK's position as a global leader in the market, second only to the US in terms of market value. The market has exploded in recent years, with 30% of all cross border trade in Europe, going through UK retailers. The UK's online retail market is set to reach GBP77 billion. The British dominance in online retail is one of the main topics of discussion at the British Business Embassy at Lancaster House on Aug. 9.

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      • Games To Be First Reported By Social Media Yahoo

        The London Games will be the most tweeted, liked and tagged in history, with fans offered a never before seen insider's view of what many are calling the social media Olympics, or the "socialympics," says an Associated Press story. Hash tags, (at) signs and "like" symbols will be as prevalent as national flags, Olympic pins and medal ceremonies. Some athletes may spend more time on Twitter and Facebook than the playing field. Social-savvy fans, whether watching on television or inside the Olympic stadium itself, will be almost constantly online.

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      • Government Will Rely On Foreign Help In Snooping The Guardian

        Home Office security officials will rely on overseas-based social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter to comply voluntarily with requests from British police and security services to collect and store personal data tracking web, email and mobile text use. Home Office officials appear to be relying on their claim that most overseas communication companies operate under "similar, if not more intrusive legal regimes without the rigorous safeguards" provided by the proposed UK legislation. But precise details of the powers to seize data and force companies to monitor it have been deferred until regulations are published.

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      • Zoopla To Be Property Portal For London Dailies TechCrunch

        Hot on the heels of completing its acquisitionof Findaproperty last week, Zoopla is increasing its online real estate inventory once again: it will operate the property portals for the UK daily newspapers the Independent, the Evening Standard, and the Evening Standard's popular standalone property site (itself an offshoot of a printed supplement) Homes And Property, on an exclusive basis. All three publications are owned by the Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev. The partnership went live Friday.

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      • Food Blogger, 9, Wins In Fight With Authorities Mercury News

        Martha Payne's images of uninspiring school meals-one consisted of two croquettes, a plain cheeseburger, three slices of cucumber and a lollipop -drew international attention. The blog, set up about six weeks ago as a writing project and to help raise money for a school-meals charity, has drawn more than 2 million hits. Martha, who lives in the coastal town of Lochgilphead, about 130 miles (210 kilometers) west of Edinburgh, gave each meal a "food-o-meter" rating, and offered an assessment of its contents. An online outcry prompted officials to lift a ban on posting photos of her school lunches.

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      • Tesco Buys Digital Music Platform WE7 Silicon Republic

        For GBP10.8 million, Tesco has bought a 97% stake in UK-based WE7 and plans to purchase the remaining shares within the coming weeks. Overall, Tesco intends to increase investment in its online business to around GBP150 million between 2012 and 2013. Last year, the supermarket chain acquired Blinkbox, a subscription-free online movie service available on PC, games consoles, tablets and smart TVs.

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