Wednesday, August 8, 2012
      • UK Firms Fail To Engage Workers Via Social Media HR Magazine

        The appetite among employees to engage with their superiors via social media channels is, shows the report, 'surprisingly high', but managers are failing to engage with staff in this way or look into creating in-house social media platforms, rather than intranets and newsletters. Over two-fifths (42.3%) would be happy to converse with their line manager via Facebook and a fifth would be content tweeting the head of department (20.0%) and CEO (19.4%). Nearly two-fifths (39.2%) of managers would be happy to reciprocate via channels such as Facebook.

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      • Norway To Peer Into Facebook Facial Recognition M&M Global

        The programme automatically suggests people's names to tag in pictures posted to the site, something which the Norwegian Data Protection Agency states could breach privacy rights. The regulator is planning to launch a full investigation later this year. The Norwegian investigation intends to open a dialogue about exactly how the facial recognition feature works and also find out more about how Facebook stores data on instant messages sent between users.

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      • UK Papers' Online Readership Is Booming

        Now we can firmly pinpoint the date at which the readership tipping point apparently occurred for these publishers - November 2010 (after a brief earlier overtake in January that year). Two years after the crossover, print circulation is declining at broadly the same rate it has for the last eight years. But web readership's growth goes on accelerating. The industry's dilemma is - publishers' money has not reached the same crossover.

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      • As End Nears, Olympians Take To Twitter The Guardian

        We mortals may not be staying in the Olympic Village, but thanks to social media we can keep a closer eye than ever before on what our new heroes are up to. With no fears of restraining orders we can watch from afar. Marvel as they meet each other! Take amusing photos of each other! Have early nights! And basically behave like normal people instead of the otherworldly gods we assume them to be. Homa Khaleeli and Nona Buckley-Irvine report.

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      • Coalition Seeks Supporters Of Internet Freedom Wired

        A coalition of online organisations wants millions of internet users to sign a declaration that promotes internet freedom, to give normal citizens the political brunt to defeat contentious anti-internet bills like Sopa and Pipa. It's called the Declaration of Internet Freedom, and it carries five basic principles. "Expression" says that the internet can't be censored , and "Access" promotes universal access to fast and affordable network. "Openness" focuses on keeping the internet open to all, "Innovation" embraces new technologies and protects innovators from their users' actions, while "Privacy" defends everyone's ability to control how their data is used.

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