Thursday, September 13, 2012
      • Virgin Movies Store Open For Business In UKDigital Spy

        Virgin Media has announced the relaunch of its on-demand pay-per-view movies service, now branded as Virgin Movies. Virgin Movies offers over 500 films, including many titles straight from the cinema, such as The Hunger Games, Battleship and American Pie: Reunion. It is available to all UK households on cable television, along with online in beta mode. Virgin Movies offers a wide selection of high-definition films, along with 3D movies, such asAvengers Assemble on Sept. 17.

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      • Prototype Of 'Smart' Newspaper Released

        A print version of the Lancashire Evening Post has been created with a button to allow readers to press the newspaper and play audio. The "smart" newspaper is the latest prototype from an 18-month research project led by the University of Central Lancashire. Called Interactive Newsprint, the project aims to find a way of connecting a print newspaper to the internet, which researchers believe could offer news organisations new ways of discovering exactly which articles and adverts readers are interested, much in the same way as they gather audience data from content viewed online.

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      • Danes Report Spotify May Offer HBO TV

        Rumours that Spotify may diversify from music to TV have cropped up almost since the service began four years ago. The latest peddler is Danish public broadcaster TV2, whose Beep tech site says it has learned that Spotify is negotiating to distribute HBO's upcoming HBO Nordic over-the-top pay-TV service across Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Spotify's PR folks are being strategically coy, telling paidContent: "There's always a lot of speculation surrounding Spotify but it's something we never comment on." HBO Nordic's Danish reps also gave us a no-comment. Curious.

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      • Social Media Boosting Estate Sales Red Rocket Media

        The research, by property company Move With Us, found that Facebook is the number one social networking site that property sales companies are turning to. In fact, 45% of those quizzed, admitted having their own page on the site. Twitter came in second place with 35%. Move with Us say on "With a plethora of social media websites providing marketing and customer interaction for free and with consumer shopping habits changing along with them, it's important to take advantage of these opportunities."

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      • Twitter Offers Geo-Targeting In UK For Brands Marketing Week

        Twitter is providing marketers with the tools to target UK consumers with location-specific promotions in an expansion of its its geo-targeting marketing services. The service for Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts allows marketers to target users in individual cities and metropolitan areas. It launched in the UK Thursday and will also roll out in Japan and more widely in the US following a trial in several cities including New York in July.

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