Monday, September 17, 2012
      • Jobs Could Be Axed At Irish Paper Due To Nude Duchess PhotosThe Guardian

        Fears have deepened in Dublin that up to 100 jobs could be lost at the Irish Daily Star, with unions predicting the media owner Richard Desmond would stand by his threat to "close down" the joint venture over the Duchess of Cambridge pictures scandal.

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      • No Hockey A Windfall For NetworksThe Globe and Mail

        Canada's cable TV sports networks are going to make more money by not showing NHL games this fall than if the NHL had started the season on time. To understand the inverse logic of the lockout and its victims, consider that an average regular season broadcast in Canada can have production costs of about $600,000; typical advertising revenue for that game comes in anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000 short of production costs.

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      • UK Museum Restores First Known Color FilmGizmag

        A piece of history has been rescued from oblivion with the National Media Museum in Bradford, United Kingdom, revealing a restoration of the first known color motion picture. Shot as a test reel by British inventor Edward Raymond Turner, it was long thought to have been a practical failure until restored by the museum, which is showing the film to the public for the first time 110 years after its making.

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      • Finnish Social Media Firm Moving To U.S.Gigaom

        The founders of Transfluent, a Finnish companywhich translates social media, websites and smartphone apps are about to relocate to New York. What's more, they've just picked up $1m in angel funding to set up that office, and have also opened an office in Singapore. The company has 15,000 freelancers working in 60 languages.

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      • French Media Want GoogleTo pay To Link ContentAgence France Press

        Leading French newspaper publishers called on the government last week to adopt a law to force Internet search engines such as Google to pay them for using their content.

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