Saturday, December 22, 2012
    • Public 'Betrayed' By Media In 2012 The Independent

      This has been the year in which the British media has shone a spotlight on itself as never before, exposing sinister industry secrets that had remained hidden for years. The public, which no doubt assumed itself unshockable in this media-savvy age, now finds itself feeling gullible and betrayed. No part of the media has emerged from this year's scrutiny without its reputation being further diminished.

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    • Law Now Allows Digital Media Copying Digital Spy

      The UK government has amended the law so people can legally back up copyrighted content they have purchased. British residents can now make digital copies of music, movies and ebooks for their own personal usage without risk of reprimand. However, it remains illegal to remove the technical protection method (TPM) from any copyrighted content, so a barrier remains in place where a wealth of content is concerned.

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    • Service Could Put An End To Mobile Spam The Telegraph

      The system, similar to the telephone preference service for landlines, would enable mobile users to register for free and block spam texts while allowing only those from firms they have approved. But the launch of the new system is being held up by a row over whether legitimate marketing firms or networks should pick up the GBP200,000 set-up bill and running costs of about GBP100,000 a year.

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    • Amazon Brings Kindle Singles To The UK

      The U.K. Kindle Singles store, launched Friday, includes 250 titles - including many Kindle Singles from U.S. authors as well as new ones from popular British authors like Susan Hill, Sam Leith and Candia McWilliam. Most are priced between GBP0.99 and GBP1.99. Andrew Rosenheim, the former managing director of Penguin Press in the U.K., is the editor of the U.K. store. Byliner, which offers many of its e-singles through Kindle Singles, will also make those titles available in the U.K.

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    • The Outlook For Digital Journalism In Year Ahead

      Seven industry experts share their predictions for digital journalism in 2013. They are key figures from the New York Times,,, the Daily Post, plus an academic, the founder social news agency Storyful, and a leader in B2B who is also chair of the Association of Online Publishers. There are predictions around mobile, paywalls, social media platforms and more. If you would prefer to hear them explain their predictions, you can listen to them speaking in this podcast.

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