Tuesday, January 1, 2013
      • Pearson Buying Stake In Nook Media Computer Business Review

        The British publishing and education company has agreed to acquire 5% stake in Nook Media, a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, for $89.5 million. Upon completion of the transaction, Barnes & Noble will now own about 78.2% of the Nook Media, while Microsoft, which also holds preferred membership interests, will own around 16.8%. The transaction will enable Nook to improve the discovery of available digital content and services.

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      • GMG Readying To Sell Off Auto Trader? The Drum

        Private equity investors are understood to have made a number of informal approaches for Trader Media Group, the Auto Trader subsidiary of Guardian Media Group. Interest in the group was sparked last month when GMG held talks over a possible sale to co-owners, Apax Partners. By selling off its 50.1% stake in Trader Media Group GMG stands to raise up to GBP600 million.

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      • Britain Cracking Down On Spam Text Messages The Telegraph

        Companies found to be trading in the personal details of members of the public who have received spam text messages that encourage them to take legal action for compensation are to be fined by the Information Commissioner. The practice, known as claims management or "claims farming", sees millions of unwanted text messages asking people to seek legal action over accidents, mis-sold pensions, mortgages and insurance being sent to mobile phones every year.

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      • Computer Weekly Editor Dishes On Digital The Media Briefing

        When Computer Weekly announced the end of its print edition in April 2011, plenty of people mistakenly associated "shutting print" with "shutting down". The reaction was symptomatic of a lingering perception in parts of B2B media that if your print product goes, you're doomed. Ending the printed magazine was something of a milestone, given that Computer Weekly had been around since 1966, the world's first weekly technology magazine.

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      • UK Newspapers Face Survival Fight In 2013 More About Advertising

        2013 will be grim for a number of media owners, whose business models and asset base just aren't up to coping with a rapidly changing media landscape (chiefly the flight to the internet and growing commercialisation of social media) and a becalmed UK economy. A reminder of their dire circumstances came in News Corporation's filing that its print and publishing businesses lost $2 billion last year.

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