Wednesday, January 2, 2013
      • Guardian Poised To Be Most Expensive Daily Press Gazette

        The Guardian will become the most expensive mainstream 'quality' daily newspaper in the UK from Saturday, 12 January. The weekday edition is to rise from GBP1.20 to GBP1.40 and the weekend Saturday edition will rise from GBP2.10 to GBP2.30. This compares with the The Times (GBP1/GBP1.50), The Daily Telegraph (GBP1.20/GBP2) and The Independent (GBP1.20/GBP1.60). In November, print sales of The Guardian were down 10.1% to 203,592 a day on average.

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      • Belgian Media To Launch Platform To Retake Readers

        Major Flemish- and French-language newspaper publishers, magazine publishers and three TV broadcasters in the country have teamed to use Media ID, a common platform for user registration and management, reports the national De Morgen. Created by Flemish government-funded innovation research institute iMinds, which claims to have "mobilized the Flemish media sector on an unprecedented scale", launch is penciled in for an April test, followed by a September full launch.

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      • 'Doctor Who' Boosted Christmas IPlayer Digital Spy

        BBC iPlayer launched on Christmas Day in 2007 on the PC, but celebrated its fifth birthday as the number one video on-demand brand that is available on more than 650 devices, including TV, mobile, tabets and games consoles. Christmas is typically a hugely popular time for iPlayer, as people use the platform to catch up on the glut of television content from the BBC. "Doctor Who - The Snowmen" was the most popular TV show on iPlayer over Christmas, attracting 1,467,220 requests.

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      • 10,000 Tweets Per Second Rang In New Year Red Rocket Media

        Micro-blogging site Twitter has unveiled how many messages were sent by its users across the world as people celebrated the new year, although the busiest area was something of a surprise. Whilst many had anticipated American or European markets to dominate (as they have some of the largest Twitter user totals), the highest total was seen in Asia, where a staggering 33,388 tweets were sent per second in the UTC+9 time zone when the clock struck midnight.

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      • UK Had Third-Highest Downloads Over Holiday The Drum

        The number of apps downloaded worldwide hit 1.76 billion in the final week of 2012, according to research from Flurry. The report, which spans iOS and Android devices, revealed 17.4 million apps were activated on Christmas day, with 328 million apps downloaded on the same day. The UK saw the third highest number of downloads, with 132 million downloads during the week, behind the US which led with 604 million and China with 183 downloads.

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      • Digital Entertainment Sales Top Billion-Pound Mark Computer Business Review

        Digital sales of music, video and games in the UK crossed more than GBP1 billion for the first time in 2012, according to a new report from the Entertainment Retailers Association. The report revealed that the digital sales of music, video and games increased 11.4% in 2012 to GBP1.03 billion, compared to 2011, accounting for a quarter of the collective entertainment market. Disc sales of CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and videogames, which fell by 17.6%, still account for just over three quarters of the entertainment market.

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