Thursday, July 20, 2000
  • Media Metrix Releases U.S. Top 50

    Media Metrix – - today released the top 50 Web and Digital Media properties for June 2000 and the top 25 online advertisers. Media Metrix also released, for the first time, its new categorization structure, encompassing 29 new categories and 63 new sub-categories. Among the new categories are business-to-business, Gay/Lesbian Community, and Kids' Entertainment. ...Read the whole story

  • Enginehouse Media Develops Rich Media Email

    Enginehouse Media has finally released a rich media email technology that allows users to receive rich media email without having to initiate a click. Through this application, emails are sent in the form of tiny files, which eliminate long downloads, the virus risk, attachments, and the need to click through to someplace else. Enginehouse Media’s creative team developed a series of 9 different postcards for their test campaign, each highlighting one of the agency’s services such as media buying, creative services, optimization, goal setting, campaign analysis etc. Enginehouse Media’s CEO, Laura Tidwell said the click-through in this case happens without ... ...Read the whole story

  • Income Gap Continues to Widen Between Cable and Non-Cable Homes

    If you’re been trying to decide whether to advertise on cable or broadcast TV, the CAB has come out with some research that might help make your decision a little bit easier. According to the CAB analysis of MRI data, the average income of wired cable households has continued to grow in 2000, creating an even wider gap with non-cable homes. Within the wired cable universe, reports CAB, average household income climbed to $54,081 in '00, a gain of 5.1% compared to the year before. Wired cable homes now take in an average of $15,196 more annually than their non-cable ... ...Read the whole story

  • and DoubleClick Partner to Enable Small Businesses to Advertise on DoubleClick's Networks Corp., a provider of eCommerce and online promotional services and products designed for small businesses, today announced an alliance with DoubleClick to offer online advertising solutions to small businesses. The agreement will enable the small businesses affiliated with to advertise on DoubleClick's U.S. Network, as well as its Sonar Network, which together comprises thousands of sites, including Kelly Blue Book online, HGTV and Comedy Central.'s small business members will be offered geographic targeting, run of network and category targeted packages on DoubleClick's networks. ...Read the whole story

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