Tuesday, September 26, 2000
  • MSNBC.com Is Number One

    MSNBC.com is the No. 1 stand-alone news site for August according to the most recent data compiled by Media Metrix and Nielsen/NetRatings. August's traffic data maintains MSNBC.com's standing as the primary source for news on the Internet with a significant lead over the competition in the combined Home/Work audience. According to Media Metrix, MSNBC.com remains the leader in the General News category with 9.9 million unique users in August, ahead of CNN.com. August data from Nielsen/NetRatings shows MSNBC.com had a firm lead over CNN.com with 10.6 million Home/Work users on MSNBC.com, also ahead of CNN.com. According to Media Metrix, MSNBC.com ... ...Read the whole story

  • Europe Internet Ad Revenues Up 11% from July

    Two months after announcing its ability to provide Internet advertising data for popular US websites and brands, AdZone Interactive is offering information about top brands and sites in Western Europe. Measuring 425 sites, AdZone Interactive reports total Europe revenues in the month of August at $109,920,000 up 11% from July's total of $98,310,000. Of the total, $64,588,000 in revenues was generated by UK sites. Interestingly, the increase for the UK was only 1% over July, while the increase for the rest of Europe was 31%. Countries that were tracked were Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the ... ...Read the whole story

  • More Branding Impact Than Banner Ads

    In the online advertising world, rarely does a month go by without an unveiling of a new online ad format. And almost all newcomers start off by touting their superiority over the banner. Today is no exception. According to a new study, LiquidSite's patent-pending embedded imaging technology - LiquidImages - is a more effective online branding vehicle than a banner ad. According to the company's description of the format, LiquidSite technology transforms Web images into interactive images or "LiquidImages" that reveal hidden layers of editorial content, streaming audio and video, advertising information and e-commerce capabilities. The study, conducted by Dynamic ... ...Read the whole story

  • Volvo Opts For Web-Only Advertising For US Launch Of S60

    Volvo Cars of North America, a subsidiary of the Swedish automotive group Volvo AB, will advertise its new car, the S60, completely online. According to The Wall Street Journal, Volvo will not be launching any television advertisements or national print campaigns, except for a couple of specialist car magazines such as Motor Trend and Car and Driver. Volvo has signed a deal with the Internet service provider America Online Inc (AOL), which includes banner and column advertisements on various pages throughout AOL's web site. The ads will direct users to http://www.revolvolution.com, which Volvo has set up especially for the S60 ... ...Read the whole story

  • Fox Bids On Major League Baseball

    Fox has offered about $2.5 billion in a bid to grab major league baseball's entire postseason package from 2001-06, according to the Associated Press. That figure, which would also cover an extension of current deals for regular-season games on Fox and its cable outlets, was confirmed Monday by three TV industry and baseball sources speaking on condition of anonymity. NBC and ESPN, which hold rights to some postseason games under five-year contracts that expire after the World Series, had until Tuesday to match Fox's bid, industry sources said. ...Read the whole story

  • ABC's "World News Tonight" In Spanish
  • NBC Launches NBCi.com
  • "Today" Show Rakes in Rating Points

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