Wednesday, September 26, 2001
  • Bytemasters Looking For Testers

    Bytemasters is seeking beta testers for Contact Master 2, Workgroups Edition, their new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Contact Master allows workgroups of users to store, organize and share information for a virtually unlimited number of organizations, contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, sales opportunities, documents, and more. Organizations that participate in the beta test will receive up to 50 free seat licenses of the final product, a $39,750 value. Testers must apply at to participate in the beta test. ...Read the whole story

  • New PILOT at Paramark

    Paramark has developed optimization software to help companies raise ROI for online marketing campaigns. Instead of giving fuzzy definitions of ROI and optimization, Paramark has developed a technology platform that puts real dollars back into the hands of consumer marketers who are using online advertising, email and websites in their marketing mix. Paramark's PILOT is an advanced real-time optimization engine that uses algorithms to continually improve campaigns based on the objectives. ...Read the whole story

  • DIRECTV In Venezuela

    DIRECTV Latin America, the company that offers direct-to-home television service in Latin America and the Caribbean, has launched DIRECTV Interactive in Venezuela, the first interactive television service to reach the Spanish-speaking markets in Latin America. DIRECTV Interactive, the first service of its kind to reach the Spanish- speaking region, will transform the relationship between the viewer and the television set. Subscribers to DIRECTV will have at their reach interactive services such as email, banking, video games, weather information and a new information guide. These services enjoy the utmost security and the basic services will be free of charge to all ... ...Read the whole story

  • Cooks Love The Net

    The Internet has moved ahead of magazines and jumped into the #2 position after cookbooks, as the preferred source for recipes, according to new research from InsightExpress. The surprise findings show that 23% of home cooks prefer to use the web to seek out recipes compared to only 21% who cited magazines. InsightExpress polled 797 household food preparers about their use and attitudes toward online recipe sites. ...Read the whole story

  • $4.0 Billion Spent Online In August

    Forrester Research, Inc. and Greenfield Online, yesterday announced the results of the latest Forrester Online Retail Index. According to the 20th survey in this monthly series, total US spending on online sales increased from $3.98 billion in July to slightly over $4 billion in August. The number of households shopping online increased to 14.8 million in August, from 14.7 million in July. Consumers spent an average of $273 per person in August, compared with $270 in July. "It's impressive that online shopping made such a quick comeback after the big drop in June," said Forrester analyst Christopher M. Kelley. "It ... ...Read the whole story

  • Excite Cuts 500 Jobs
  • The WB Takes a Leap
  • Jordan Return Skews Schedules

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