Wednesday, April 23, 2003
  • The Internet Comeback

    Last week, the Interactive Advertising Bureau reported that for the first time since 2000, two consecutive quarters saw increases in online spending increases. Does it mean the medium is out of the doldrums? The experts are optimistic. ...Read the whole story

  • Home Broadband Growth Continues

    comScore Networks on Tuesday released the results of a study detailing broadband usage and quality of service, which shows that while consumers are increasingly willing to pay for a faster connection, there is little consistency in the actual network speed delivered by cable modem and DSL providers. ...Read the whole story

Turning Spam Into a Gourmet Dish

Email security provider MessageLabs, which monitors email messages for companies worldwide, reports that of the 104.91 million email messages it tracked in March 2003, roughly 38.1 million were spam messages. This means that more than 36% ...More

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