Tuesday, November 25, 2003
  • Reactions To Can-Spam, It Seems, Can Span

    With the House of Representatives passing a slightly altered version of the Senate's CAN-SPAM bill early Saturday morning, the country is expected to have its first federal law regulating unsolicited commercial email before the week is out. But while many parties with a stake in the debate welcome a blanket federal law that supersedes the hodgepodge of state anti-spam statutes, none believe that the bill is anything more than a partial solution to the spam epidemic. ...Read the whole story

  • Classified Information: Online Cannibalizing On Print

    In a major push for the online classified ad industry, top newspaper publishers including Knight Ridder and the Washington Post Co. are backing Tribe Networks, the type of community-based online classified advertising portal that is beginning to nip at the mainstay of many local newspapers. On Monday, Tribe said it received $6.3 million in new venture financing from Mayfield, Knight Ridder and Washington Post Co. ...Read the whole story

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