Friday, August 20, 2004
  • In the Trenches with Matt Oettinger, Manager of Media Development at Fastclick

    When he's not tinkering with his Mustang, today's In the Trenches subject morphs from motorhead to mediahead. Fastclick's Matt Oettinger knows ad networks and the needs of the publishers that make them run. MediaDailyNews talks with Oettinger about hot media topics like contextual targeting and blogs, and why the firm doesn't publicize the names of sites in its network. ...Read the whole story

  • Next Big Player In Consumer Media: Consumers

    When Intelliseek Chief Marketing Officer Peter Blackshaw discovered that his hybrid vehicle was falling far short of the mileage guaranteed by his car dealer, he naturally expressed his displeasure on his Web log, and others responded with similar gripes. By the end of the day, Blackshaw said there were 2,000 messages on his blog, and within a few days he was fielding calls from CBS Evening News, which was poised to do a 3-minute segment on hybrid cars. This represents--albeit in a magnified sense--the power of consumer-generated media (CGM). ...Read the whole story

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