Monday, August 23, 2004
  • Study Affirms Web Use Among Beltway Policy-Makers, Shatters Myth Of Recess Absence

    Corporations, trade associations, and issue advocacy groups all vie for the precious attention of congressional members and their staffers. A recent report from Mindshare Interactive Campaigns LLC studying media consumption habits of Washington's opinion leaders affirms that--like the general public--the coveted Capitol Hill audience is using the Web more, too. ...Read the whole story

  • The Art Of The Cross-Media Deal

    Cross-media ad sales are great in theory, but hard to pull off in practice. The team at, MSNBC cable, and NBC News are working to implement such deals from concept to delivery, and slowly improving their success rate. ...Read the whole story

  • Consumers Say Apple Should Share

    The vast majority of consumers are unaware that an Apple iPod digital music player only plays proprietary iTunes files, while a smaller majority agree that it is within RealNetworks' rights to develop a program that will make its music files compatible with the iPod. Those are among the findings of a new study on consumer perceptions about music download services scheduled to be released today by Insight Express. ...Read the whole story

    Proof We're Nearing the End of the Spectrum

    In certainly the most recent--if not the finest--example of truth being stranger than fiction, Time Warner Cable recently announced it would soon launch a Pentagon Channel. ...More

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