Tuesday, October 19, 2004
  • Report: Advertisers Will Triple Spending On Video Game Ads By 2008

    Advertisers have long wanted to penetrate the gaming market, but haven't yet been able to in any meaningful way. Despite the video games industry's size, advertisers only spent $79 million on placing ads in games last year--a number the Yankee Group anticipates will grow to $260 million by 2008, according to a new report. ...Read the whole story

  • DMA Study Asserts Telemarketing Yields Greater ROI Than Email

    One year after coming out with a study stating that e-mail marketing yields more than three times the return on investment as telemarketing, the Direct Marketing Association has reversed course, and now says that telephone marketing gives the highest return rate. ...Read the whole story

  • Internet Retailer Buys Social Networking Site

    Internet retailer Buy.com announced Monday it had acquired social-networking start-up Metails.com. The move appears to be in line with a marketing strategy that involves fostering relationships based on like-buying-habits, proffering the products and brands du jour, and offering cash incentives to users willing to facilitate the affiliate marketer role. ...Read the whole story

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