Thursday, November 18, 2004
  • Behavioral Targeters Align To Head-Off Legislation, Ensure Cookie Doesn't Crumble

    In a surprising and in some ways ironic development, some of the online ad industry's biggest rivals are aligning to fight a potentially bigger foe: the anti-spyware movement, which threatens to spread into some of the better marketing practices that have been fueling the industry's growth. The alliance, which was conceived by Dynamic Logic CEO Nick Nyhan, also includes two direct competitors in the behavioral targeting field -Revenue Science and Tacoda - who have worked together to develop a bundle of initiatives designed to bring the voice of legitimate online marketers into an anti-spyware debate that so far has been ... ...Read the whole story

  • Bolt Got Game

    Bolt Media, the youth community and social networking site, yesterday significantly expanded its reach with the acquisition of video game Web publisher Game Revolution for a seven-figure sum. ...Read the whole story

  • Yahoo! Debuts New Dating Service

    Yahoo! on Tuesday night launched a premium online dating service for the growing number of serious daters in the United States. Singles--totaling nearly 90 million, according to the Census Bureau--can now access "Personals Premier," which includes advanced searching and matching features. ...Read the whole story

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