Friday, February 17, 2006
  • Automakers Shift Ad Budgets Online

    Automakers will drastically increase their spending on online marketing in the next two years, according to a study released Thursday by eMarketer. ...Read the whole story

  • Edelman Boosts Blog Practice

    Blog evangelist Steve Rubel Thursday announced an upcoming move to PR giant Edelman, where he will serve as a senior vice president, developing the firm's word-of-mouth practice and persuading more Fortune 500 companies to start blogs. ...Read the whole story

  • Google, Yahoo Show Double-Digit Paid Search Growth

    Google served more than 41 billion sponsored links on its search results pages and publisher network, marking a 14 percent increase from last August. Yahoo served about half as many sponsored search links--23.2 billion--last month, but that figure represents a 21 percent increase from August, when it served 19.2 billion search ads. ...Read the whole story

  • Search Firms Differ On Super Bowl Campaigns

    Rating the success of search marketing campaigns is an imperfect science, at least judging by a report released Thursday by iCrossing's Reverse Direct Marketing business unit. Its conclusions about how well this year's Super Bowl ad campaigns positioned themselves to capture consumer curiosity online clash with findings of rival search engine marketing company Reprise Media. ...Read the whole story

Psst, Try My Search Engine And I'll Give You a Turkey!

The twains have met. Back in the dark recesses of my past, I used to toil in the radio biz as a copywriter. I had thought I left that industry far behind when I started working ...More

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