Tuesday, January 20, 2009
  • Lag Effect: Paid Search Surges Despite Economy, Cost Continues To Fall

    It may be a lagging indicator, but the paid search advertising market actually surged during the fourth quarter of 2008, rising 43% over the same quarter in 2007. The estimates, which were released this morning as part of the latest edition of online analytics firm Covario's Global Search Spending Analysis, shows that paid search ad spending also continued to grow sequentially, posting a 7.2% gain over third quarter 2008, despite the financial crisis and the downturn in consumer and corporate confidence that manifested during the fourth quarter. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Internet M&As Fall 62% In 2008

    After a year highlighted by Internet mega-deals in 2007, the total value of online media mergers and acquisitions fell by more than half to $16.9 billion in 2008, according to a new study. The analysis by Peachtree Media Advisors in New York shows Internet-related M&A dollars plummeted 62% from last year's $44.4 billion even as the overall number of deals increased almost 15% to 707. ...Read the whole story

  • Free Press Praises FCC For Continuing Comcast Probe

    Net neutrality advocacy group Free Press is cheering news that the Federal Communications Commission is continuing to investigate Comcast for how it manages its broadband network. The FCC, which has already sanctioned Comcast for impeding peer-to-peer traffic, just sent a letter to the company demanding an explanation for why it appears to favor its own digital telephone services to those of competitors. ...Read the whole story

  • MySpace Users Invited To Get Hitched On New Web Series

    Acting more like a TV network than a social network, MySpace has tapped Endemol, the producers of "Deal or No Deal," to create a 13-episode reality series, "Get Married on MySpace." Slated to debut on MySpace TV this spring, the show will bestow a free wedding upon one lucky couple in exchange for letting MySpace users -- and several brand sponsors--plan and experience the big day with them. ...Read the whole story

  • Ruling Could Boost Defendants In RIAA Lawsuits

    Last summer, entertainment companies claimed victory when an administrator of a site that enabled piracy became the first person in the country who was convicted by a jury of criminal copyright infringement. But a more recent court ruling in the case could make it harder for copyright owners to obtain damages from defendants in civil lawsuits. ...Read the whole story

  • Social Networks Could Become Hackers' Playground

    Social network and media sites that either sell ad space through third-party networks or allow consumers to upload videos on their servers need to remain vigilant about the content running across their networks, several online security experts warn. ...Read the whole story

  • 'NY Times' Launches Facebook Inauguration Promo

    Following up a similar election-related effort, The New York Times is launching an inauguration-themed campaign on Facebook featuring ads aimed at driving traffic to its presence within the social networking site. The one-day promotion, timed to correspond with Inauguration Day, centers on a video engagement ad inviting users to visit the Times' Facebook page to answer the question: "What should Barack Obama first address as President?" ...Read the whole story

  • Betawave Focuses On 'Highest Attention Span' Media

    GoFish Corp. isn't simply changing its name, but is re-launching as what its officials believe is the industry's first attention-based media company. The name change to Betawave, a cognitive term for the mind state of active concentration, reflects the company's belief that consumer attention will become the new economic basis for brand media, said Betawave CEO Matt Freeman. ...Read the whole story

Why Internet TV Is Ready To Join Obama

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