Monday, April 20, 2009
  • Google's DoubleClick Unveils Network Builder

    Google unveils today its DoubleClick Network Builder, which allows publishers to build out and operate a partners' ad network. The product, which sits on the DART for Publishers platform, launched in private beta with 10 companies in late October. It aims to support a growing trend for publishers in the online ad industry. ...Read the whole story

  • Court OKs Suit Against Blockbuster For Privacy Indiscretions

    A court has handed Blockbuster a preliminary defeat in a potential class-action lawsuit filed as a result of its participation in Facebook's ill-fated Beacon ad program, which notified members about their friends' e-commerce activity. U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Lynn in Dallas ruled that the case could proceed in court even though Blockbuster's contract with users calls for any disputes to be heard by an arbitrator rather than in court, and also says that users waive their right to file a class action lawsuit. ...Read the whole story

  • Rolls Out Vertical Ad Network has launched a vertical ad network dubbed Access aimed at allowing advertisers to target in-market car buyers even when they're not browsing auto-focused sites. To that end, the new ad network powered by Adify includes not just and other car sites but those in related categories including locally-focused, environmental, sports, outdoor, and eventually luxury and women-oriented Web properties. ...Read the whole story

  • Madison Logic Automates Lead-Generation Platform

    Erik Matlick is attempting to fill a niche in the lead-generation biz. The founder of IndustryBrains and MediaBrains is launching another startup, Madison Logic, along with LeadFocus, an automated lead-generation ad-serving platform. The entrepreneur calls it an "aggressive step" toward cornering the market on services for publishers that want to sell leads to advertisers. ...Read the whole story

  • Metacafe Debuts New Home Page

    YouTube isn't the only one going Hollywood these days. Video hub Metacafe has overhauled its home page to showcase the professional content it offers, focusing initially on movie trailers, music videos and sports highlights, with other categories to follow. The revamped home page also features an oversized billboard ad unit geared toward rich media and video-centric campaigns. Sponsoring the new front page at launch is Universal Pictures to promote the upcoming Will Ferrell adventure-comedy "Land of the Lost," opening June 5. ...Read the whole story

  • BBE Promotes Gallagher To EVP Sales

    Online video network BBE -- formerly Broadband Enterprises - announced Friday that Joe Gallagher, EVP of U.S. Sales, has assumed the additional responsibility of EVP of international sales. Prior to joining BBE in February, Gallagher led multimedia sales as vice president at The Wall Street Journal, and was national sales director for the Dow Jones online division. ...Read the whole story

  • Grist Says Earth Day Is For 'Amateurs'

    Making a lasting impact for the planet isn't about what you do once a year on April 22 -- it's about what you do every single day, according to Grist, which has launched a campaign entitled "Screw Earth Day!" "Too many people tokenize Earth Day, using it as an excuse to hug a tree one day and ram it with their SUV the next," said Chip Giller, founder and CEO of Grist. "We say, screw that. One day is for amateurs. We can do better." ...Read the whole story

  • Wikipedia Opts Out Of Phorm BT Scanning

    Controversial ad company Phorm suffered another blow last week when online encyclopedia Wikipedia opted out of the company's behavioral targeting platform. "The Wikimedia Foundation requests that our Web sites including and all related domains be excluded from scanning by the Phorm/BT Webwise system, as we consider the scanning and profiling of our visitors' behavior by a third party to be an infringement on their privacy," the company said in an email sent to Webwise. ...Read the whole story

  • Bloggers Love Costco, Hate Walmart
Beware Of The Guarantee

Out of all the quotes to choose from, I have to chuckle that I'm referencing Chris Farley and the 1995 movie "Tommy Boy." In the classic ...More

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