Tuesday, September 29, 2009
  • Google's YouTube Finds Money In Analytics

    First Google found a way to generate revenue from YouTube video through Content ID. Now the Mountain View, Calif., company gives copyright holders a tool to track viewer sentiment to determine the best distribution and marketing strategy for music, video and other content clips generated and uploaded by the community. Think Google Analytics for YouTube. ...Read the whole story

  • Drew Case May Go To Higher Court

    A federal judge cleared Lori Drew of criminal responsibility for her role in the MySpace suicide case, but she might not be out of legal jeopardy just yet. The prosecutor in the case has filed a notice of appeal in the controversial case, preserving its right to take the matter to a higher court. ...Read the whole story

  • Verizon Wireless, MTV Team On Vampire Series

    Verizon Wireless is partnering with MTV on "Valemont," a new short-form series premiering Sept. 29 that will appear on television, online and mobile via the wireless carrier's V Cast Mobile TV service. Verizon phones are designed to tie into the storyline, with each episode beginning with a video clip or text message providing clues to characters within the show as well as to viewers. The show is also making a big push onto social media, offering a Valemont University Flickr account, a Valemont Facebook account and in-character Twitter accounts users can follow. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Interaction Rates For Video Banners Higher In Social Media

    Higher interaction rates, or video completion rates -- what would you rather your online ads achieve? For the former, focus on expandable formats, while in-page formats are more likely to achieve the latter, according to new research from social media ad optimization firm Lotame. "Of the banner types in the social media space, we found that video creative had higher click-through rates than non-video units, with in-page units performing better on average from a CTR standpoint than expandable ads," the report reads. ...Read the whole story

  • Big Ten Hands Off Videos To Comcast's ThePlatform

    ThePlatform, Comcast's white-label video publishing subsidiary, has been selected to manage and publish online video for the Big Ten Network. Specifically, thePlatform will provide centralized back-end management support for two key video initiatives, one aimed at serving international audiences outside the U.S. and Canada, and the other serving domestic sports fans. ...Read the whole story

  • WordStream Release Free-For-All Keyword Tool

    Free is still the key word these days. Marketers have come to expect it from Google, but WordStream has introduced a tool that serves up the first 10,000 suggestions for related keywords for free. Suggested terms through The Free Keyword Tools draws from a keyword database built with purchased search data from ISPs, search engines and companies that make toolbars. The filtered keyword function is free, too. ...Read the whole story

  • MRM Looks To New CD To Socialize The Army

    MRM Worldwide on Monday named Jason Culbertson creative director on its U.S. Army account. Culbertson most recently served as senior art director at Atmosphere BBDO in New York. Of his new role, Culbertson said his social media expertise will be indispensable. "It's becoming second nature for people to engage in social media all the time on every type of available screen," he said. ...Read the whole story

Yes We Can! (Solve the BT Privacy Challenge)

For as long as behavioral targeting has existed, there has been a tenacious and fragmented debate regarding how best to protect user privacy. ...More

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