Tuesday, July 27, 2010
  • CardStar Adds Foursquare To Loyalty Card App

    Startup CardStar earlier this year gave people a way to store loyalty card accounts in one place through a scannable iPhone app. Now the company will allow users to check in to locations via Foursquare when they use their loyalty cards. CardStar CTO Danny Espinoza said the new feature would help extend the Foursquare phenomenon beyond bars and restaurants to retail stores. ...Read the whole story

  • Ask Launches Social Network To Link Search With Answers

    Ask.com will launch a social network Tuesday that allows people to poll the community for the best possible answer. The engine hopes to tap into the approximate 87 million people visiting the search engine monthly. The project has been in the works for seven months. ...Read the whole story

  • AdMeld Takes A Byte Out Of Crime: Will Monitor, Thwart Malware Attacks

    In an effort to stay one step ahead of a sophisticated network of cyber criminals who have begun using online advertising as a means of distributing malware, or malicious software code, an increasingly vulnerable online display advertising industry is adopting new procedures, protocols and systems for monitoring, detecting and thwarting attacks by so-called malvertisers before they can do much damage. In the latest move, AdMeld, a company that helps publishers ranging from Discovery Networks to Fox News sell their online advertising inventory, has struck a deal with The Media Trust to detect malware across the billions of impressions they sell ... ...Read the whole story

  • MediaMind Reevaluates IPO

    Slightly reining in its ambitions, MediaMind on Monday revealed more modest terms of a planned initial public offering. In March, the online ad campaign management firm -- known as Eyeblaster until last month -- filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to raise up to $115 million in an IPO of common stock. At the time, it didn't reveal how many shares it planned to sell, their expected price, or where they would be listed. ...Read the whole story

  • CrowdGather Gathers LeFora

    Signaling industry consolidation, forum network CrowdGather on Monday announced the acquisition of forum host provider Lefora. The combined properties will offer a search engine- and social media-friendly network of forum communities that serve an estimated 90 million monthly page-views. ...Read the whole story

  • Judge Dismisses Defamation Charge In Teens' 'Cyberbullying' Case

    Writing that a classmate contracted a sexually transmitted disease and morphed into the devil might be a form of "cyberbullying," but does not constitute defamation. That's according to Judge Randy Sue Marber in Mineola, N.Y., who just dismissed a lawsuit against four teens accused of defaming former schoolmate Denise Finkel by taunting her online. ...Read the whole story

  • Twitter Disconnect Between Marketers And Consumers

    Brand marketers still lack the skills and the knowledge to effectively tap Twitter to have a meaningful conversation with consumers. The site remains an important tool for listening to consumers and becoming more familiar with their needs, but a striking difference on how the two use Twitter and the limited conversations create a wedge in the conversation, according to research released Tuesday from digital marketing firm 360i. ...Read the whole story

  • BuzzLogic Secures $8.8 Million, Adds New Ad Format

    Blog ad network BuzzLogic Tuesday announced an $8.8 million venture funding round and the rollout of a new custom ad unit geared to driving social media engagement around a brand or promotion. The new BuzzRoll display ad format introduced today is aimed at encouraging blog readers to interact with and share everything from company blog content and Twitter feeds, to video and Facebook applications. ...Read the whole story

Accept Everything We Do Is Social (And 'Like' It)

As an industry we are witnessing a historic trend: apps that were once dependent on one platform, like Facebook or the iPhone, are now moving to multiple platforms. In some cases they're even moving directly to ...More

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