Wednesday, August 25, 2010
  • Local Targeted Ads To Support National Media Brands

    Image Space Media plans to launch a local targeting feature to its self-serve advertiser platform, AdStart, later this week. It lets marketers create and customize in-image ad campaigns. ...Read the whole story

  • Sweet Spot: Small Biz Uses More Media

    Higher-spending small and medium-sized business advertisers use 6.5 different media on average in their promotional mix -- compared with 3.1 different media used by the broader SMB advertiser population, according to new findings from market research firm BIA/Kelsey. ...Read the whole story

  • Plugged In: Young Men Impact Entertainment Decisions

    From the home to Hollywood, the influence of 18-34 guys, according to a new report, is pronounced. Nearly three in five -- 58.5% -- of 18-34 guys say family and friends ask for their opinion on which video games to buy, and a whopping three-quarters -- 77% -- say they are asked for recommendations on which movies to see. ...Read the whole story

  • Twitter Nabs Fox's Bain, Google's Hill

    It seems revenue became a priority for Twitter. Adam Bain has joined Twitter as the president of global revenue, leaving the position of president at Fox Audience Network, News Corp.'s ad network supporting MySpace and other properties. ...Read the whole story

  • AT&T Starts Social Games-Based Rewards Program

    The initiative kicks off at more than 50 AT&T outlets across the Midwest that will promote SCVNGR in connection with the launch of the new Samsung Captivate phone. Through the SCVNGR app, available for the iPhone and Android-based Droid, users will be eligible for three types of rewards. ...Read the whole story

  • Phila. Bloggers Hit With Business Tax

    "One new wrinkle that comes from the fact that we've got a cadre of individuals out there performing functions that were previously performed by the press, is that the tax structure that was created around certain assumptions needs to be rethought," says David Ardia. "I don't think the end result that Philadelphia wants is for all the bloggers to cease their activities, because that's going to create an information gap." ...Read the whole story

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