Wednesday, March 23, 2011
  • Google Rebuilds DoubleClick Search

    Google DoubleClick plans to roll out the next version of its search platform later this year. The platform, now completely rebuilt on the Google technology stack, aims to improve workflow by simplifying navigation with an AdWords-like interface and refined reporting options. ...Read the whole story

  • New Relations: Meltwater Buys JitterJam

    Social media monitoring firm Meltwater Group on Tuesday announced the acquisition of JitterJam. Marking its second such acquisition in just over a year, Meltwater is paying $6 million to buy the customer relationship management software maker. ...Read the whole story

  • AT&T Hackathon Invites LA Companies To Cross-Innovate

    AT&T Interactive wants to create a tech community in Los Angeles that solves online advertising problems across industries. The telecom plans to invite engineers from local Los Angeles offices of Google, Yahoo, eHarmony, Caltech, and others. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Data Driving Wireless Growth

    The growing consumer demand for mobile data is highlighted in the PwC report. It found that factors such as wider use streaming video, the importance of service quality, and migration toward 4G network technologies have pushed carriers to invest more in infrastructure despite the still sluggish economy. ...Read the whole story

  • Council For Accountable Advertising Launches

    The ad technology industry now has its own trade group: the Council for Accountable Advertising. Says Stephen Messer, vice chairman of Cross Commerce Media and chairman of the new Counci: "People have focused on the bells and whistles of the technology, but have forgotten the key themes, [they are] making buying decisions more complicated than they need to be." ...Read the whole story

  • Groupon Sued For False Advertising On Google

    A San Francisco tour company has sued Groupon for false advertising for allegedly running misleading pay-per-click ads on Google. It also alleges that Groupon's false advertising drove up its keyword costs. ...Read the whole story

  • Mobile Users Prefer Android Over iPhone

    Mobile users would opt for Android phones over the iPhone by a two-to-one margin, according to a new global survey. The study commissioned by multiplatform app store GetJar found about 40% of respondents would switch to Android when they buy their next handset, compared to 18% that want the iPhone. ...Read the whole story

  • NBCU Entertainment, Digital Nets Promote Longtime Execs

    NBC Universal promoted both Cameron Blanchard and Tony Cardinale to the position of executive vice president of NBCUniversal Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Media. Earlier this month, it named Nicholas Lehman as its new president of digital of E&DN/IM. ...Read the whole story

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