Wednesday, October 26, 2011
  • Vizu, Firefly Partnership Improves Video Measurement

    Vizu plans to announce integration with Firefly Video, powered by Tribal Fusion's E9 Audience Engagement Platform, in an effort to pull together disparate video-serving technologies. The move will allow marketers to measure and optimize brand lift generated by video advertising in real-time. ...Read the whole story

  • Real-Time Affiliate Marketing Comes To In-Text Ads

    Skimlinks plans to launch SkimWords 2.0 Wednesday. The platform provides affiliate links within in-text ads in real-time. The automated platform supports in-text products and price comparisons across multiple markets, such as consumer electronics, fashion, beauty, automotive and lifestyle. ...Read the whole story

  • More Video Spots Sold Via Ad Networks

    Nearly three-quarters of online publishers now sell 20% or more of their video ad space through ad networks, according to new research from BrightRoll. Per the video ad network, that represents an increase of two-thirds year-over-year. ...Read the whole story

  • Publishers Get Boost From Apple's Newsstand

    Magazine publishers are reporting spikes in digital subscriptions and single-copy sales of digital editions since the launch of the Newsstand feature in Apple's iOS 5. The new section, which allows users to find digital magazines and newspapers in one dedicated area in the App Store, then organize subscriptions on a virtual bookshelf, debuted two weeks ago along with the iPhone 4S. ...Read the whole story

  • Women 'Like' CPG On Facebook

    Women account for 65% of CPG "Likes," while they make up 55% of the U.S. Facebook population overall and account for 57% of all Likes. This lends support to the notion that women are more apt to Like a CPG brand than men. ...Read the whole story

  • 'New York Times' Says HuffPo Infringing Trademark

    On Monday, Huffington Post launched its newest feature, a column about parenting called Parentlode and authored by Lisa Belkin, a longtime writer for The New York Times. That same day, the NYT fired off a cease-and-desist letter to HuffPo. ...Read the whole story

Beyond Targeting: The Convergence of Social and Advertising

There is something beyond targeting, and it's already becoming incredibly significant on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. It's the collapsing of advertising directly into the social experience. ...More

  • How Mature Are Your Mobile Programs?

    Mobile marketing maturity is recognizing that, with the increased capability of smartphones and the huge explosion of Internet-enabled tablets, marketers can reach consumers in new ways. The key to success is measurement. ...More

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