Friday, December 16, 2011
  • TV Budgets Shifting To Video Ad Spend

    A 32% rise in digital video advertising dollars coming from TV budgets is forecast. Video ad spending is growing at a fast rate and significant monies devoted to it are coming from TV budgets, upping the cost per view. ...Read the whole story

  • Video Ads, Brand Sales Enhanced By Visual Special Effects

    Ever wondered whether visual special effects (VFX) were only good for gussying up agency work? Such effects could be better at achieving certain campaign goals, according to new research from VFX provider GenArts. They make it more likely that viewers will purchase items. ...Read the whole story

  • Amazon Selling 1 Million Tablets A Week

    Amid reports of consumer dissatisfaction with the Kindle Fire, Amazon Thursday said it has been selling its new tablet at a rate of 1 million a week for the last three weeks. Following reports of problems, the company said it would release a software update in the next two weeks. ...Read the whole story

  • Tablets Set For Blazing Q4, Lit By Amazon Fire, iPad

    After missing expectations in Q3 sales, tablets are expected to come back as Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble drive the market, says IDC Worldwide. The year-over-year growth in this platform is a staggering 264.5%. ...Read the whole story

  • Internet Developers Oppose House Anti-Piracy Bill

    More than 80 Web gurus warned Congress on Thursday that anti-piracy bills currently pending in the House and Senate could harm free speech and also undermine innovation by Internet engineers. ...Read the whole story

  • PlaceIQ Gets Funding To Nano-Target Local Context

    PlaceIQ, a start-up that just received $4.2 million in funding, says that "context" is more than just a DMA or a map of nearby businesses. It claims its ad-targeting technology creates a "hyper-local digital index of the physical world" to help advertisers pinpoint potential customers. ...Read the whole story

  • Kenshoo Integrates Search Data To Optimize Ads

    Kenshoo will move to integrate data from Covario Organic Search Insight and other SEO platforms to enable keyword-level analysis and optimization. It's part of the company's product road map for 2012, along with plans to bring check-in data into Kenshoo's platform to view alongside search and social, and compare online advertising with in-store traffic. ...Read the whole story

  • Facebook Rolls Out Timeline

    Facebook Thursday began the formal rollout of Timeline, three months after announcing the feature replacing the old profile page that lets users highlight milestones in their life and post other status updates. ...Read the whole story

The Third Screen: Android's Next Act, The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Now comes the latest iteration from Google and Samsung, the red hot Samsung Galaxy Nexus running the all-new Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich. ...More

  • Once A Newspaper Reader...

    eMarketer this week reported that in 2011, adult consumers said they spent 65 minutes a day on mobile devices, versus 44 minutes with print media. ...More

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