Friday, March 23, 2012
  • Google Taps Search Benefits, Ties Display Closely To Keywords

    A revamped Google AdWords interface rolls out during the next few weeks, offering a Display Network Tab that lets advertisers bid, target and optimize display campaigns in one screen. Its goal is to help marketers determine how combining multiple targeting types, such as keywords, placements, topics, interests or remarketing, impacts the reach of the campaign. ...Read the whole story

  • SAI Repositions Trollbeads Ad, Marketing Strategy

    Trollbeads, the Copenhagen-based company, is considered to be one of the leading firms in the beaded jewelry business worldwide, but business lagged in the U.S. Now, after assuming control of the U.S. operation from a licensed distributor, Lund Trading, in 2011 after a court battle, the company is repositioning itself in the U.S. with help from SAI, a shopper-focused communications and marketing strategist. ...Read the whole story

  • Katz 360 Joins Forces With Audience Partners

    Katz 360, the cross-platform digital division of Katz Radio, has signed a strategic agreement with Audience Partners, an online ad platform that specializes in political and cause-related advertising, to offer Katz's political advertising clients "micro-targeting" of online registered voters, via online display, mobile and video advertising. ...Read the whole story

  • Web, Apps Will Coexist In Future, Mobile Will Explode

    New research from Pew suggests that the Web and apps can -- and most likely will -- coexist. Some 59% of experts interviewed agreed that the Web will be stronger than ever by 2020. Specifically, they believe that "the open Web" will continue to thrive, but 35% agreed with the notion that most people will prefer to use specific apps by 2020. ...Read the whole story

  • Key Luxury Hotels Book Digital Strategy

    A new study ranking more than 50 luxury hotel brands based on their Web site, social media, mobile and digital marketing efforts cited Four Seasons, Hilton, and Marriott as the top names in the business. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Sued For 'Unquestionably Invasive' New Privacy Policy

    Google was hit with a potential class-action lawsuit for changing its privacy policy in order to enable aggregation of data about signed-in users across a variety of platforms, including Android, Gmail and YouTube. ...Read the whole story

    Paying Not To Get Ads

    In a blog post this past week, a reporter for the New York Times pondered the paradox that although folks online say they care about the collection of certain personal data, not many are willing to ...More

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